Has there really not been a Mythbusters thread yet?

I looked and couldn’t find one.

In any case, anyone watching this show on the discovery channel?
Mythbusters home page

I’m not usually home on friday evenings but have been setting the Tivo to record it, I’ve seen 2 or 3 episodes now. Although it seems that there’s been some overlap with their topics and Cecil’s columns, I still think they show is pretty cool.
I’m not the only one watching this, am I?

I might not have cable, but I do have Snopes.

That show freak’n rocks!!! Adam and Jamie should be heroes to geeks everywhere, and not only are they smart as all get out, they’re also funny as hell. I love it when they blow stuff up just for the heck of it when it really doesn’t have much to do with debunking the myth, but they just want to add a little oomff to the show.

Out of all the urban legend shows that have been popping up over the past several years, this is by far the best.

I love Discovery Channel. Monster House is another favorite of mine.

By the way, I saw an ad on Discovery for a shoe on Disney World’s latest ride, Mission: Space. Anyone know when it’s on? Many thanks.


YES! I dig this show.

I like how they let the hosts goof off.

I caught part of the show where they tested the breast implant myth. They pop a breast implant into a pressure chamber, nothing happens. So they cram various food items in just to see what happens.

Last week they tested the “drop a penny from the empire state building and it cracks skulls” myth. They build a penny shooter out of a staple gun which fires pennies around 65 mph -then fire away at various objects. Then Adam gets this evil smirk and says “Let’s try and catch it”. Oh man, comic gold.

Here are a couple of mischievous guys with access to cool machines, funding and an excuse. I WANT THEIR JOB!

Yeah! This show is great. Actually it reminds me of the old Straight Dope show.

I love this show. Especially when they disprove the myth in a couple of minutes and then just do random related crap to fill time. “So, we proved a penny dropped from a building wouldn’t hurt you… how about if we modify a rifle to shoot pennies?”

I’ve seen it a few times and found it a good time-killer, but for me it wasn’t worth recording.

While I appreciate the light hearted tone, I think the results should be taken with the same lightheartedness, as they are consistenly proven wrong in their assessment of whether myths could or could not have happened. Case in point: They “debunked” the myth of a man breaking through a plate glass window to fall to his death. Well after a study concluding it couldn’t be done, it was found out that it did actually happen. They then changed a whole bunch of variables to the experiment to finally make it possible for it too have happened. There approaces are far from scientific.
In another case, The alleged “expert” on urban mythology and folklore indicated that the peeing on the third rail death never actually happened. If they had done their research, like Cecil they would have found that:

A responsible reporter would have at least included the case of the significant burnings aroudn the urethra.

Again, I take the show in good humor but I’m afraid that many would take their assessment as the final word and that isn’t a wise conclusion to make.

They do link to the Straight Dope on their page though (along with Snopes). That’s gotta be worth some points on the grand scale of things.

That may be but many watching wouldn’t follow up to that extent and would left with the belief that the myth was actually busted. I think that’s irresponsible. IIRC there was also a gaff made on testing the myth about whether the intestines were sucked out of a fat woman who flushed an airline toilet while seated. I see the show as just fun, not a serious refutation of the possiblities of a myth being true or not. But others may not be as critical.

I caught the “Penny Drop” episode t’other night, and found it amusing, but, eh…

I’m with KidCharlemagne and Khadaji. It’s pretty much a Straight Dope/Snopes lite.

You weren’t channeling Ed Sullivan?

I started a thread about this way back before it became a regular show (they only had 3 episodes I think) and everyone but me pretty much dumped on it. I loved it though and am estatic it’s now a series. The my fave of the old episodes was them getting the biscuit dough to explode in the car. For some reason that just tickled me so much. The way they devised a “biscuit bandolier” and very seriously took several variables into consideration. (Chilled vs. room temp/possibly spoiled, name brand vs. generic, buttermilk vs. extra flaky, lol.) My favorite of the new episodes (so far) is the Barrel of Bricks legend. I can’t believe that worked!

If you look up M5 industries on the internet their website has all their design and effect work on it for other companies. There’s also a map to the warehouse where it’s located. I have an itch to go down there and say “hi” but I have a feeling if I met either of them in person I’d probably wet my pants.

It doesn’t have closed captions for me this time. So I can’t watch it. Is anyone else getting captions?

Actually, iirc, they proved this myth TRUE.

Some older episodes are captioned. The newer ones aren’t yet.

I enjoy the show in a sort of “Guys Fooling Around With Stuff” vein. These two remind me of my brother, who also likes to play “What would happen if I…”

I don’t think I would bet my life on their results, though.

I could be wrong but I thought they said it couldn’t happen, then the urban myth expert said it did, then they went back and changed stuff around until they made it happen, and then in retrospect said it could have happened. Either that, or they said it couldn’t happen, then did everything they could to make it happen (which is what they usually do) and then said in retrospect it might have. I can’t remember though I think the first story is how it happened - maybe someone else can back up either story.