How well-balanced are you?

… in terms of your SDMB posting habits?

I just searched the forums to find my earliest post for a different MPSIMS thread. While doing it, I kept track of how many threads I posted to in each forum.

My 1992 posts prior to this one appeared in 1137 different threads. Of those, I excluded the 3 ATMB threads, and the 39 in the relatively new (albeit marvelously moderated) Café Society. (Feel free to differ with my methodology. I couldn’t figure a way to calculate specific posts.)

Of the remaining 1095 threads, my posts are divided as follows:

157 14.3% GQ
215 19.6% GD
294 26.8% IMHO
339 31% MPSIMS
90 8.2% Pit

So what are your ratios? How well-balanced are you?

(Just thought you could use a little encouragement to waste a little more time today!)

I just wanted to say that I applaud your dedication and total lack of anything better to do. I can’t even begin to imagine going back and reading all my previous posts. Hurrah, I say.

As to the OP,if I had to guess, I’d say I’m probably:

65% - MPSIMS
20% - IMHO/Cafe
5% - GQ
5% - Pit
<1% - GD, ATMB, CCC, CSR

MPSIMS = 100%
All others = 0%

Anyone else as unbalanced as I am?

I didn’t think so :wink:

Well, you got me on the “lack of anything better to do” part. I AM at work, you know.

But please don’t think I re-read all my old posts. Just did a search in each forum which gave me the total number of threads I posted to in that forum. Added them up and figured out the percentages.

I mean, I may be boring, but I’m not THAT boring!

The 1st 2 responses got me thinking, tho. Posting this in MPSIMS means we’ll never hear from those gloriously superior beasts who reside solely in GD/GQ-land.

Total threads: 355

ATMB: 1 (.2%)
CCC/CSR: 0 (0%)
GQ: 83 (23.4%)
GD: 81 (22.8%)
CS: 20 (5.6%)
IMHO: 62 (17.5%)
MPSIM: 75 (21.1%)
BBQ: 33 (9.3%)

Almost! About 97%MPSIMS, 3% Cafe Society is my guess for myself.

same here - 100% MPSIMS, however:

[li]I’m still pretty new here and scared to wander into other boards…[/li]
[li]100% of everything I say IRL is also mundane and pointless, so this is pretty much my natural habitat…[/li]

Moderator’s Notes: Can we, if you insist upon doing it, try this in the “off-hours,” between 11:00PM and 5:00AM Chicago time? These huge searches really chew up processor resources on the server preventing many of your fellow community members from using the board normally.


I thought of that, too, UncleBeer, so I didn’t do a search. Of course, I really didn’t need to, being the MPSIMS-y thing that I am… :smiley:

Sorry, guy. Such was not my intent.

Thanks, guys. I’m not trying to put the kibosh on this, I merely want everyone to be able to read and post. A more balanced use of resources will allow that. As all regular users know, we’re rather limited in that area right now. Anyway, I appreciate your cooperation with this and your concern for the rest of the community.

So far I have posted to 277 threads. Of those threads:

28% were in MPSIMS
25% were in The Pit
18% were in GD
17% were in Cafe
7% were in GQ
4% were in IMHO
1% were in ABTM

Looks like I’m drawn mainly to pointless or ruthless discussions. I do however manage a healthy amount of time spent debating in GD, and a nice chunk sipping tea in the Cafe.

DaLovin’ Dj


i am unbalanced, but loyal