How/where to watch Japanese TV online?

Is there a japanese equivalent to Netflix or Hulu available to folks in the US? I’ve tried Livestation, KeyholeTV, and TVU - all without success. Bonus points if it’s available via the Wii.

Many thanks.

FWIW, (also available as a Roku channel) has anime and some live action Japanese programs (most of their live action content is Korean, however.)

I was hoping to find a service that carried some local news stations and/or some other ‘real life’ type stuff. Anime is OK, but it’s too…well, cartoony :wink:

I see fuji news network has some video clips available.

Google Chrome has a built-in TV app that can be sorted by country.

TV Chrome’s Japanese channels (minus home shopping and what appears to be a marina’s webcam):

Channel J - General
FNN - News
Nc Kyo - General
NHK Bs2 - News
NHK World - News
Odoroku TV
Seebit - General
TBS - News

I was actually thinking of TV for Google Chrome earlier. They offer much of the same as TV Chrome but TV Asahi ANN News should be of interest.