How/Why does a cold make your throat sore?

i know that sinus problems (to put it nicely) are a result of your body trying to rid itself of germs (whatever might be making you sick - viruses, bacteria, whatever) through mucus. but what causes sore throat? it’s not a way to get rid of germs is it? or is it an irritation due to substances germs produce?

Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with this phenomenon at the moment. I think my sore throat is primarily caused by having clogged nasal passages that force me to breathe through my mouth.

heh. yeah, i used to have so many colds when i was little (and having gigantic tonsils didn’t help any); so whenever i got over a cold for a short time, i’d forget that i didn’t have to breathe thru my mouth.

You body’s first line of defense consists of the natural killer cells. While your other immune cells are setting to the task of manufacturing antibodies, the natural killer cells start zapping the invaders immediately. Unfortunately, the natural killer cells are not especially discriminate about what they shoot at – sometimes they hit the invaders and sometimes they hit your own cells. The sore throat results from all of your own cells that get killed.

I’m dying and I have no meds. Is gargling with salt water really bad for me?

I think that it’s also due to toxins that bacteria liberates in ur thoat.

Don’t forget post-nasal drip! (yuck)

Gargling with salt water really helps me when I get a sore throat. Not a doctor, TV or otherwise.