How Wichita Kansas handles "Black Lives Matter"

Simple. They hold a picnic together to break down barriers and discuss common concerns.

Such a great idea as a way to work out problems.

Have other communities tried this?

Well, when Gordon Ramsey is out at the picnic of course everyone is going to be nice with such good food to chow on.

I know. The coincidental name got me also.

This sounds like a good idea that went well; I applaud the police and the community organizers for their calm & rational efforts.

I think this event would need to be repeated about 1,000,000,000 times in the US for it to make a difference, tho. This needs to be the normal type of interaction people have, not an anomaly.

Many, many communities and police departments have had peaceful, constructive discussions with BLM and other civil rights advocacy groups. Good, honest dialogue has been exchanged by well-meaning adults intent on improving things. But peaceful discussions don’t usually make the news.