How will the boards change now that Chicago Reader was bought by Chicago Sun Times?

It think the hampsters will appear to be on massive doses of steroids and will now resemble rabid fire breathing lemmings on steroids.

April Fools. :slight_smile:


What friedo said!

How could I resist. I’m thinking of something sinister for my afternoon classes :slight_smile:

Maybe a memo regarding the new mandatory drug testing Policy on campus :wink:

*…Chi Reader…Sun Times?!..<click>…Hamsters?..lemmings?..Steroids?..

I completely fell for it. Nice. And do carry out that drug testing memo plan…

It’s too bad it’s a joke.
If the Sun Times had come into the picture last month the site would be free with ad sidebars to support it.

Well, as they say in sports, there’s always next year.

I’d pay to have no ad sidebars :).

  • Tamerlane

I am offended – offended, I say! – by the OP. Why, my ire is so great … ooooooooooooohhhhh …

It’s spelled hamsters, not “hampsters”, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dammit! Don’t DO that!
Scared the shit out of me!

Driving to work today I thought “I hope no idiots do an AF joke thread.” This was a pretty good one though.

NAH! The little critters that power the SDMB are a different species: HamPsteris Cecilis. Thus, hamPsters.

Better than the Chicago Tribune buying SD. You would have to wear a suit and tie to log on and any anti-Bush mumbling would be reported to the FBI.

Excuse me while I try to get that damn hook, line and sinker out of my mouth…

How do you know it already isn’t? :wink:

Make it a double…

Incidentally, this is the same way I found out about the paid-subscriptions…

Tell them to piss off.

Of course, they will offer you fill their little cup …