How Would a Lawn Party (1700 AD Versailles) Compare With a Modern One?

I imagine that King Louis XIIII threw some pretty nice parties at his palace in Versailles. I wonder how these would compare with a modern upper class lawn party:
-food: probably pretty good at Versailles…but no out of season stuff (as we would have today)
-music: a modern party would have highly amplified music-Versailles, one or two instrumental groups
-illumination: modern wins (electric lighting), Louis had to make do with candles
That said, would a Versailles party ended with a lot of sex, drunkeness, etc., like a modern party?

My lawn party would have more bootylicious babes, and fer sure they would smell better.

Are you sure a lawn party would have amplified music? I picture them as being more genteel.

The likes of you wouldn’t be invited :slight_smile:

Last time I was at Versailles I attended something similar . . . with period music (on original instruments), costumes and dance. It went on for well over an hour, and everyone had to stand. And there were guards to make sure no one left.

I have never been so bored out of my skull.

No he would have had plenty of oil lamps of all kinds and sizes.
And um, do modern lawn parties put on by heads of state end in sex and drunkenness?

I don’t think so.