How would Brasil's second team do in this year's World Cup?

With club stars like Juninho, Fred, Cris, Robinho, Gilberto Silva, etc. I would have them in the round of 8 easy. Of the final 8 teams, I think they would be superior to Ukraine and (hate to say it) England. Then it would get tough.

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Well would they have to face Brazil’s first team in your scenario?

Yeah, it would depend on the “road to the Cup”. Of the final eight teams we have now, I think they would definitely beat Italy and Ukraine, be on a par with England, France, and Portugal, and probably struggle with Germany, Argentina, and, of course, the Brazil first team.

Doubt it. Italy may get the better of the Brazil A team in the semis, assuming, that is, that the Samba Boys can negotiate Les Bleus. (Italy will kick Ukraine into touch in their Quarter Final.)

On a side-note, don’t you just pray that Fred gets some more action. What a name! African “simulation” has sadly extended to their names (Eric Djemba Djemba at the last World Cup started it all - no, Eric, I’m sorry, you can’t just repeat one of your names twice - and I notice others have been doing it at these finals).

But Fred. Minimalista and evocative. Not of the Copacabana, or of Carnival, no. But that’s the genius. Fred. Name of the tournie.


Italy can’t meet Brazil before the final.

Semi 1:

Germany or Argentina
Italy or Ukraine

Semi 2:

England or Portugal
Brazil or France

Personally, I think it’ll be:

Argentina v Italy
Brazil v Portugal

And the final:

Brazil v Argentina

I wouldn’t like to make a bet as to who would win in that final.
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I beg the OP’s indulgence.

On Tuesday, the Ghanaians fielded a player called Eric Addo. I am hoping that his middle name is Ian or Ivan (or anything beginning with ‘I’). I can imagine his coach giving Eric a confidence boost at the start of the game by addressing him thus:

E. I. Addo, we’re going to win the cup!

Italy could barely get by Australia. They might make it the semis only because they’re up against the equally anemic Ukraine team. Germany or Agentina should beat them handily, though one should never underestimate the power of the Italian bunker defense to bore the opposition into submission.