How would I get proof I worked for the government?

Not to long ago, I was a temporary employee for the government (Census), and I need proof of it for my current job. I tried showing my pay slips, but they asked me for other proof. Problem is, I don’t live where I did the work, I live in DC now, so I can’t go by the census office there.

Aren’t all federal employees listed online?

I don’t believe so, but you should be receiving a W-2 or 1099 in the mail reasonably soon.

Aside from that, I got nuthin. Sorry.

Call the office you worked for, ask for Human Resources, ask them for a letter confirming your employment. But I’m wondering why the Human Resources person at your current job can’t make the phone call themselves.**&p_li=&p_topview=1

I can’t imagine why the onus would be on you. List your employment dates and leave the rest to HR to figure out.

It’s a particular situation. I work for a foreign government.