How would this ticket stub scam be countered?

I’ve been watching That 70s Show on Netflix as I never watched it when it was on. One episode the gang have 5 tickets to a football game and want to bring in 6, Hyde suggests one person takes out 2 ticket stubs, passes one to the other guy, then they both come in. Due to the stupidity of the guys involved in the plan this doesn’t work at all, but I’m wondering what measures were in place to stop such a thing with 2 non-idiots?

They stamp you and a ticket stub and stamp are required for re-entry (if re-entry is allowed at all. Some events do not allow re-entry.)

I work at two different places requiring tickets. At one, a ticket stub does not grant re-entry; only a hand stamp does. At the other, re-entry is not allowed at all.

When I went to concerts or movies back as a teen in the 80s and early 90s, we often used that trick, either to sneak in or sneak to better seats.

Yep. It was called stubbing in. Nowadays there is a barcode on a sticker they scan with a reader. You can’t get in once it’s been scanned. Generally there are wristbands for the better seat sections.

In the early 70s I was a ticket taker at a downtown movie theater. When a couple gave me their tickets, I would tear one in half and return the two stubs, holding on to the intact ticket. I would then return a few intact tickets to the girl in the booth and she would resell them and put the money in her pocket. At the end of the night we’d split the illicit earnings. We kept it up til one night there were twice as many people in the theater than tickets sold, and the owner wondered what was going on. It didn’t help that I noticed he carried a gun…

Yeah, there’s that, but you don’t even need to get that fancy to prevent the situation in the OP. I was at a college football game last night, and it was simple: no re-entry. You need a full ticket to get in, and a stub won’t get you in. Amusement parks tend to do the stamp thing, from my experience. I was under the impression the scanners were more to prevent ticket counterfeiting (especially as now all you need is a printout of a ticket. or even just a graphic of the ticket on your phone.) But imagining the situation in the 70s, it can be as simple as either of these if businesses wanted to crack down on false re-entries (which I’m frankly surprised they didn’t. I grew up in the 80s, and I don’t remember being able to enter on a stub alone.)

You’re right. We used the stub more to get our friends into the better sections.