How would Trump's muslim ban be implemented?

Set aside the political/moral indignity associated with this plan, and help me understand how it would actually be implemented.

Muslims are adherents of the Islamic religion. They are not a race or an ethnic background. So if President Trump via an executive order places a ban on all foreign muslims from entering the US.

There are countries that where the state religion is Islam, so I suppose that citizens of those countries could be barred entry. These would include:

Saudi Arabia

But there are a number of other countries were Islam is widely practiced. Passports do not include religious status, so how are these people banned?

Seems impossible to carry out the order.

It’s just bluster. It would never be implemented, partially for the reason you stated. It would be impossible.

There’s also a concept in Islam called taqiya, which allows Muslims to lie about their religion if they believe that they will be persecuted because of it. Apparently Trump wants to set up a comission “possibly headed” by Giuliani to study the policy, which should be easy, a piece of paper with the word NO written on it.

So much blind hatred and ignorance.

Since even Giuliani knows this is unconstitutional, that is what would be written.
And of course there are Christians in Islamic countries and Muslims in Christian countries, and I’d guess that European passports, at least, don’t have religion on them.
The numero uno problem - it would keep Richard Thompson from coming here to do concerts.

It could not be implemented. That won’t stop Trump from saying it, however. That kind of insanity is actually getting him lots of votes. God bless America. :frowning:

SCOTUS would strike it down as unconstitutional. There is no way it could be implemented.

Trump is a moron and doesn’t like to think too hard. If he seriously tried it, it would be implemented inelegantly and with too many false positives.

Start with banning travel from Muslim-y countries, basically any country in the Mid-East except Israel. Nobody named Mohammed is getting in.

Then someone will tell Trump that actually, Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims of any country in the world, so he’ll quickly move to try and ban travel from there, except for the “obvious” Asians. You see, Trump is not a smart man, and he doesn’t like nuance like many Republicans. But he also knows his audience, so he’ll go with his gut feeling or “common” sense that the lowest common denominator feels is “street smarts”. You can travel from Indonesia, he’d say, if you’re obviously not Muslim, so don’t wear a turban or burqa (he doesn’t know the difference between headscarves), don’t have a Muslim-y name, and don’t speak any Arabic.

After the inevitable riots, civil unrest, and impeachment, the bans will be lifted and we can go back to being normal again.

And no differential equations!

Didn’t he claim that this ban would be temporary until we figured … something … out? Or looked into … something?

Just what was the something that needed to be figured out or looked at?

He said that it would be temporary “until we figure out what is going on”.

Personally, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with Donald Trump.

I would love to know what’s going on. Is Trump going to put Top Men on that?

I imagine it’s the same top men he sent to Hawaii to look into Obama’s birth certificate, assuming that they’ve finished finding all of those amazing things that Trump said they had.

It’s all part of the same investigation. Once he proves that Obama is a foreign Muslim, he’ll throw him out of the country!

You need to read that Politfact cite.

*We should note that these figures refer to all gun-fire related deaths – not just homicides, but also suicides and accidental deaths. In 2011, about one-quarter of firearm-related deaths were homicides, according to FBI and CDC data. Using total firearm-related deaths makes the case against guns more dramatic than just using homicides alone.

So “all US wars” =1,171,177
Gun murders: about 350000.
Deaths caused by smoking about 17,200,000 (during that 43 year period)

Tobacco has killed more Americans than war ten times over. Tobacco has killed more Americans than gun murders FIFTY times over. (and that’s just for four decades of smoking).

When we interned the Japanese into camps we made the Chinese wear buttons saying “I am Chinese”.

I wonder if us Hindus are going to get issued buttons saying “I am Hindu”.

Unfortunately, there are people who still won’t know the difference.

Same as last time, then. 'MURICA!

Care to elaborate how this would be unconstitutional? Non-citizens of the US are not protected by the US constitution.

I’ll see if I can find the links but it had something to do with not establishing religion.

There were article on both sides so in all likelihood, the SCOTUS would have to weigh in if this ever happened.