How would you heal your country?

The way healthcare works in the world today seems to be either the majority pay for healthcare through taxes (thinking Europe in general, UK inparticular) or for the citizens to pay for their own medical insurance (thinking US.) This means that either the citizens end up getting getting good cover if they’re better off or guaranteed cover that may not be of as high a standard and costs the government dearly. Is there any way in which a government really can provide adequate healthcare for its citizens and not end up nearly bankrupting itself?

How about a free market in healthcare like the USA but for some diseases or income groups the state picks up the bill ?

Well, as long as people demand state-of-the-art treatment and refer to it as being merely “adequate”, no. But if people would realize that having the lastest and most expensive treatment is not a basic human right, we’d be well on our way to having a rational health care system.