How would you like your chicken wings?

Well, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and what’s a superbowl without chicken wings?

It’s too late now but for next year you should come over for wings. I’ll have every possible wing-making device, sauce, wing variety, and chicken wing side dish available. Any level of heat man can devise, any taste, anything, I shall make your wings to order, whatever your favourite wings are. Gooey, crispy, bony, meaty, mild, medium, hot, volcanic, honey garlic, cajun, dusted, breaded, whatever.

So. How would you like your wings?

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In my soup or none at all. Buffalo wings is one food I can’t get the dope out of.

I like a nice crunch when I bite into it, be it from breading or just proper frying. I love it slathered in a nice spicy sauce. Not necessarily the traditional wing sauce, but I usually go with that.

There’s a plague going on in my city regarding chicken wings, sure everything was fine about ten years ago. But some how, someone got it in their head “You know what these wings are pretty good, but you know what be even better ? If we covered it in bread and fry it !” Then everyone else started doing it.

NO. Horrible idea. They we’re fine as it was. There’s only a few places left in my city that don’t desecrate these wonderfull things with a layer of bread.

Short. I like them naked, dusted and well done. Hot sauce, and sour cream on the side.

Indeed, Ibanez, no breading a la Hooters. And very very well done, with blue cheese. I actually prefer the 2-boned piece to the other.

I like mine broiled plain to a crisp and then tossed in a bowl with garlic and tabasco.

Deep-fried. No breading. Tossed in Franks & margarine (or butter). (In other words, Buffalo style.) Make mine medium spicy, with suicide sauce on the side.

The proper way: deep-fried, no breading, hot. Anything else is some fake bullshit.

At Wingstop, I always get boneless garlic parmesan. DH likes their teriyaki or Hawaiian (also boneless).

This year I smoked mine for two hours first, then fried them in lard. So good.

A steakhouse down the road does beautifully flavoured wings ( no coatings, fried, served with a selection of sauces) but they serve the wings whole, not chopped up into sections. Annoys me so much!

At home, I do them in the oven for an hour, just salt and peppered, hot sauce added after.

My complaint about breading, baking, and smoking, is that there is never as much sauce as when they are just fried. I like breading or smoking (not baking), but only if they also slather it in sauce, which I usually have to specially request.

I would like them anywhere but in my mouth. I find most people prefer those with a mild spicy sauce, followed by sweet barbecue type sauce, then hot spicy sauce and honey mustard tied for third place. But my sampling is limited since I only make them on request, not for my own tastes. Baked, fried, breaded, etc. is not something I see a lot of stated preferences for. But boneless breaded tenders seem to be preferred to real wings.

However Dougies Kosher BBQ makes their Buffalo Wings, that’s how I like 'em.

I like my own wings the best and they’re very simple. Koshering salt, freshly cracked black pepper, olive oil. Bake with skin on. Serve with favorite sauce or just plain. Simple delicious.

I put frozen wings on a cookie sheet and douse them with soy sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder, paprika, and hickory salt. Then I bake at 425 for 45 minutes on each side. At the end of that time they’re falling off the bone and the liquids have turned into a sticky, salty treat that coats the wings. Love it.

Since I’m now in my Indian Cooking Phase, I made wings yesterday by mixing the flour with a healthy dose of balti masala, which has all sorts of great spices. Then oven-fried the wings. The result was excellent.

Still attached to the breast.
Then I can pull them off and give them away while I eat the good part.


(true story - this is an actual exclamation I made when reading your post)