How would you treat the BBT characters if they posted here?

I wonder how people here would treat the Big Bang Theory characters if they were to post here. A lot of the male characters (especially Sheldon and Stuart and maybe Raj) aren’t very normal. Earlier on Sheldon didn’t comprehend a lot of common sense things and was a virgin.
I guess people would enjoy teasing them (or maybe tease them without enjoying it). I wonder if any of the characters would be accused of trolling?

They’re a lot more normal (whatever that means) than many people already here. :wink:

And I’d love to interact with Amy Farrah Fowler.

BTW remember in the early days Raj was unable to speak to women.

Imagine that the characters were at their most abnormal - i.e. like in the earliest episodes.

From the live version of “Fun with Flags” (s9e15)

I wonder if anyone in the show has had a proper mental illness like schizophrenia…

She seems like a bore to me. (edit: not a total one though)

Kinda a wired question. Most online groups are moderated to prevent abuse. Certainly, the SDMB wouldn’t permit us to start flaming them from the first post. Leonard seems a foil for the other characters – he doesn’t have much to say on his own. What is is work? Does anyone here know? Yes, it uses lasers, I know. But what exactly?

Sheldon’s encyclopediac knowledge on just about all topics would certainly come in handy. You can’t hear his personal, superior delivery online. He might not even stand out. But I think Amy’s knowledge is too specialized to come in handy on this board often. Likewise Howard and Bernadette, if they can’t diagram out the experimental procedure or use their hands, they can’t really help anyone. Raj could jump in with an astronomical question.

I dunno if Penny’s knowledge of popular culture and casting calls is easy to share online or not.

Betcha Stewart, if he existed in real life, would offer comic advice anywhere and everywhere its asked for. So long as he can post an advert for his store in his sig. Not only does he need the business, but feel he, more than anyone else, needs to feel his expertise needs to be validated.

Dang. Writing that makes me wonder why I’m here. :eek:

Sorry after watching Amy saying to Sheldon that she wants to see him in his birthday suit I can no longer stand by my statement that she is a bore. I think I had a problem with her clothes and face though. Sorry for having so many posts in a row.

Yeah I guess if they were talking about their specialties they would appear normal. But what if Sheldon was talking about regular things that he doesn’t understand? Or if that guy in post 4 who appeared on “Fun with Flags” decided to post that message here?

I know people just like them. Indeed, I am not a million miles away myself. I imagine they’d blend in here very smoothly.

You know people who were to scared to talk to girls even as an adult?

Well, not that much like them. In fact I’d forgotten about that, it’s been years since they stopped doing that with Raj. But I do know a lot of painfully shy people who are unsuccessful with women, such as, for example, plucking someone random out of the air, myself.

They know a lot, so it would be a pleasure to interact with them.

On the show practically everyone is annoyed by Sheldon though.

Sheldon would start a thread about model trains that he would keep bumping when no one posted to it.

I might feel sorry for him, and post that my son likes trains, and he’d get mad for insulting trains by implying they are just for kids.

Penny would start a lot of threads in GQ that would get answered right away, and then spark discussions that would get them moved to MPSIMS.

I’d probably do my best to answer the questions that weren’t about shoes.

Sheldon would correct people’s grammar, and then as soon as he did the one thing he does do that’s an error (he misuses “myself”) people would jump on him, and he would get mad and probably do something to get warnings from the mods.

I would probably be the first person to correct him.

Raj would lurk for months before he ever posted for the first times, but once he did, he’d be on practically every thread. Finally, he’d start a thread about how he had trouble talking to woman, and people would offer lots of practical advice, without realizing how deep the problem went, and then Raj would start saying that he wanted to get a really hot woman, could people help him with that, and everyone would get mad.

I would be one of the people to get mad at him.

Howard would post lies about his sexual prowess whenever it was even slightly tangential to the thread.

I would probably call him a jerk, and get a warning from the mods. Someone (not me) would BBQ him, but I would participate in the thread.

Bernadette would probably be indistinguishable from anyone else who posts here.

I would probably like most of her posts.

Amy as she was when first introduced would never have an account, unless Cecil wrote something really wrong about neuroscience, and she happened to stumble across it and wanted to correct it.

I would probably ask her a question that she wouldn’t answer.

There are several posters here that seem to annoy everyone, but the message board soldiers on.

A surprising amount of my college classmates, and I mean both undergrad (degrees obtained in late 20s, theoretically they took 7 years) and graduate.

Sheldon Cooper


Key difference: they would be funny.