How would you write the rest of your life, as a novel?

The other day, I got to thinking about how I would write how the rest of my life turns out. In a sense, I was wondering what the best possible rest-of-my-life is.

It should be realistic and not too improbable (i.e. no “I’ll join the San Antonio Spurs and win the NBA Finals”)

Even with the realism constraint, the best possible rest-of-my-life was much better than what I think is the most likely rest-of-my-life.

It was quite instructive to compare the two. There are some parts in the best-case-scenario that are under my control, so I could do something about those, but there are other parts that are not. (e.g. you could start a great company, but if the economy goes into a recession causing you to fold before hitting it big, there’s not much you can do about that)

Anyway, how would you write the rest of your life, and how different is that from how you think the rest of your life will actually be?

Novel: I would get off the couch and volunteer somewhere, a lot, make acquaintances and a difference in the world, or join a religious community and make a difference in the world. I would be surrounded by loved ones who would miss me when I kicked off.

How I think it will actually be: I don’t get off the couch.

Getting off the couch and volunteering somewhere is within your control :slight_smile:

(Although whether that makes any measurable difference in the world is not so much under your control)

I get my website started and gather a million devoted fans of my fiction and nonfiction writing, leading to several highly lucrative book deals. To make the novel trashy I acquire beautiful consorts and consume large amounts of illegal substances, and to make the novel exciting I acquire a stalker that I eventually blow off the face of the Earth.

It could happen. Apart from the substances and stalker bits I’ll try to make it happen.

For some reason I got stuck at thinking what style I’d write my life in. Quickly arrived at the conclusion that I’d like to write the rest of my life in the style of Ursula K Le Guin, but that I suspect it might end up being a creation by either Philip K Dick or Terry Bisson (on a bad day).

I sell this house, buy my sailboat, sail out of San Francisco Bay and head south. Add a few stops later through LA, San Diego, Encinada, Cabo, and La Paz, and then decide…

Do I head west through Hawaii, Australia, Philippines, and Asia… or,
east through the Panama canal, Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean?

I have some choices to make. The one thing I have in my favor is time.

"Children, I now want you to put away your copies of ‘Looking Ahead’ and ‘High Roads’. Our next book will be called ‘The Slow Wait for a Cruel Death Between Posts’ by an obscure author. Amanda, please start reading the first few pages of chapter one and we’ll take turns going around the circle as before. Start with ‘Hooray! I discover Windows 95’… "

Ah, but Joshua Slocum wrote some pretty cool poetry.

Well, first off I’d like it to be an extended series, published over many decades. :smiley:

What I’d like to see?: Me becoming a great well-known author and having legions of fans, eventually expanding into writing TV shows and possibly movie scripts.

What will really happen?: Probably lots of self-deprecating humor.

…and shortly after DMark won the largest lottery in history, he found an amazing doctor in Switzerland who was able to rejuvenate his body to that of a buff 20 year old and he then travelled the world until he died of natural causes at age 193.

Oh! We should format it like the epilogue in a novel. I’ll try to think of something. Tagging for subscription for now.

I guess you missed the part where I said “It should be realistic and not too improbable (i.e. no “I’ll join the San Antonio Spurs and win the NBA Finals”)” :slight_smile:

In the novel of the rest of my life that I write in my head, I write novels for a living. The novel concludes with some zinger like “it was all a dream” and I wake up and start again.