Howard Dean

Does anyone else thing there’s something annoying about him ?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he seems a little like a slimy, used car salesman. When he smiles, he doesn’t really look sincere. He always looks a little constipated.

I just get the feeling that he can’t be trusted.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

But when he rolls up his sleeves he looks very middle class and concerned about me though.

Odd. That does seem to be the Vermont Secretary of State’s website that Bruce Daddy linked to, but that picture of Dean looks poorly photoshopped.

How bizarre.

I just think he’s spooky looking. I want to like him, but then he smiles, or should I say bares his teeth. Ick.

An honest smile is always preferable to a perpetual Smirk. I’m sure he’ll look proffessional accepting the oath of office though.

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I’ll vote for him if he wins the nomination, but I’ll vote for Kerry in the primary. And the way the new poll numbers look, the nomination may not be the slam dunk for him, that it looked like a few weeks ago.

But I when I see and hear him, I’m reminded of the character “Howard Beal” in the movie “Network.”

But instead of go to your window and yell out I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore, it’s go to my website and type I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. And please give us your credit card number so I can finance my campaign like the Rebublicans do.

As a born and bred Vermonter, I can tell you that Dean isn’t that terrible a guy. Frankly, if the only thing that concerns you is how his face looks when he smiles, he’s got my vote. I’d pick him over Bush, The Sequel any day. I really don’t like both Dems and Reps though. I think each side has some decent issues I would back, but since neither would ever support each other on the things I value then I tend to look for an outsider. But I usually go for Dems over Reps should that not be the case


I feel EXACTLY the same way as the OP. His expressions seem to be exagerrated; too much joy when he smiles or laughs and too much anger when he’s serious. More that what he actually seems to feel anyway. Exactly like a manipulative salesman. But he seems to know what he’s doing.

Your right but the campaigns now are all about sound and picture opportunities. I would imagine they get lots of coaching on how to react to certain issues and questions.

Dean has always had a stiff, strained look, which has nothing to do with how he has governed. As Sanscour said, if how he looks is the worst you have to say about him, that’s not too bad.

I think most people here in VT, whether or not they like Dean, know that he was a fairly capable leader despite his funny smile.

I feel sorry for all the candidates, having to look at ease among total strangers, some critical, with a dozen cameras and microphones about.
To get a feel for a candidate, you have to see them in a more relaxed setting, like on a talk show. But not in a contest with an opponent, but with a neutran reporter.

He was kinda hot in his younger days (scroll down to 1/14).

Dean is not as good an actor as Reagan or Bush the younger. This man is no actor at all but could a man with a face like his actually be elected? Doubt it.