Howard Dean: "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!"

My sister is avidly supporting Howard Dean; me, I’m waiting for the field to narrow down a bit before I make up my mind. But I keep telling her there is no way he can win with that creepy, godawful “thermometer up his butt” smile of his. Do a google on “Howard Dean awkward smile” or “Howard Dean creepy smile” and you’ll get scads of hits. The Daily Show has already done a segment on this which probably was his “Dukakis in a tank” moment.

What is it with him? Can he get a smile coach or something?

He looks constipated.

He’s improved.

You’d think after the GWB ‘smirk’ thing his handlers would be all over this.

The creepy smile was quite memorable.

I’m just waiting for the Condescending Sigh Moment. C’mon, you know it’s coming.

As soon as Dr Howard Dean can figure out the biology behind it, I’m gonna bear his child.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

What a miserable failure :smiley:

Barring a last minute surge by Al Sharpton, I’ve already decided whoever gets the Democratic nomination will be preferable to Bush.

A Presidential candidate whose only bad trait is his smile…give me that ballot, now!

Does it matter? They’ll figure out a way to not count them, anyway.

The biggest problem with Dean is that in every single poll my Hubby quotes to me (and he’s capable of extensive quoting), Dean loses to Bush. Hubby has been supporting Kerry & doing a lot of work for the campaign (including driving the Senator around during a recent visit to our city), but Dean’s getting so much more attention.

Feels like a vast conspiracy on the part of Corporate America, to make sure an unelectable candidate winds up competing with Shrub. Kerry beats Shrub (according to the polls), but Dean’s beating Kerry. So frustrating.

Can you link to a poll in which Kerry beats Bush? I haven’t seen a single one in which any named Democratic candidate polls higher than Bush.

“I’m angry because I’ve never been angrier!” - Dean’s line from a political cartoon of the Nine Dwarfs

Dean must know that if he smiles, he runs the risk of disappointing his core supporters. You know, “American’s Who HATE George W. Bush”. After all, who’s got time for smiling when the whole country, no, the whole world has been ruined, and it’s all Dubya’s fault…? If you’ve been in a state of blinding red fury ever since the last Florida ballot was (dis)counted, you’re just the sort of American voter Howard Dean wants.

Suffering from a four year hissy-fit? Vote Dean in '04!

::laughs:: Yep, that’s a Democrat talking! If something’s not going the way you want it in America, it MUST be an Evil Corporation™ doing it! (and/or their power-hungry bedfellows, the Republicans!)

Typical to blame your favorite bugaboos, rather than your fellow left-leaners for nominating candidates that have either not enough personality or not enough coherence to be electable.

But hey! You sound like the perfect Howard Dean supporter, calling out Corporate America as the cause of your frustrations! So pick up the phone and join the Howard Dean riot!, campaign!

Gotta love Tygr’s colors – if you can’t win on reason, you can always win by showing off your 1337 formatting skillz.


Fair question, Ino; I should have included a link. This is the one Hubby has been quoting to me. Apparently the news on Kerry’s chances just keeps getting worse, though; this poll is over a month old.

Tygr oh chill out; go eat some cornflakes. I wish I could argue with you that Democrats are inherently more moral than Republicans and never do bad things, but clearly I cannot. However, the accumulated power held by the corporations who control big media, and their friendships with high-ranking Republicans - well, this is clearly not good news for us ordinary folks.

Actually I just rec’d an email with some interesting info about Ahnold and Enron being in cahoots out in CA that jives with my assertions about corporations and Republicans. I’ll try to avoid irritating the copyright gods; there’s a reference to a website at the end.

Arnold’s Enron Secret
By Greg Palast, AlterNet
October 5, 2003

That’s an interesting article, but even if it’s true the connection is so obvious and the conflict of interest so blatant that I’d be amazed if Ahnold let it happen now. Whatever he gained financially he would lose big time in public favor.

Those wacky Democrats. Everyone knows that everything that’s gone wrong in this country since January 2001 has been Bill Clinton’s fault. I heard it on the radio.