Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

I’ve been listening since the wNbc days and we have two Sirius units, once of which I cart from the car to the office every day. I only change it when it gets too sexual and my boss is standing right there. There’s a lot of good music on Sirius, too.
Did you hear the old Marge Schott bit today on “The Berry Best from Ralph” today? I love that old bigot as portrayed by Billy West.

F Jackie and Baba Booey to ya all!

The “commercials” on stern generally aren’t advertisements trying to sell something… they’re prank calls or funny clips and stuff along those lines. They’re not trying to make an extra buck, they’re giving the talk crew a few minutes to use the bathroom, relax, whatever.

I hate to deny this, but they do have actual commercials. It’s not like the commercials take up my whole commute like they used to,but there are real commercials, including Vermont Teddy Bear and Dial-A-Mattress, but also for some risque websites.

I’ve been a listener since college when I was finally in a town that got Stern on their radio, so about 10 years now. I listen to the Sirius show regularly – actually, since it’s on all day it’s probably about 90% of my Sirius listening, although I thought the constant Howard TV promos this week were a bit much. I might even de-lurk to participate in a regular thread.

God, I remember those days. I swear, they had 15-minute breaks sometimes (at least it seemed that long - 10 or 12 minutes, at least…)


I’m sorry but I was unable to resist, no matter how hard I tried: I really, really, really hate knitting.

I’m really not a fan of any sort of radio in general, so I don’t listen to his show, but if he interviews somebody I have a crush on, I always check it out, since he’s sure to ask some of the questions I’ve always dreamed of asking them myself. Like when he interviewed Tina Fey last year and I found out that she lost her virginity at 25, to the guy she’s married to now, and has never been with anyone else…and that the thing she hated most about going from a writer to an actress was she’d have to buy a razor. On the unfortunate side, she didn’t get naked (although she was wearing a mad-cleavage outfit for the interview) and said that she would NEVER get naked in a movie, because she doesn’t think anybody would want to see that, and those who actually do are welcome to freeze frame the bra scene from Mean Girls.

You’re saying it wrong! It’s wNNNNNNNbc! wNNNNNNNNNNNNNbc!

No, but I heard them on Mammary Lane last summer. Billy West is the only thing I like about the show from before I started listening. I hate that he won’t come on now. He left in 1995 IIRC and I didn’t start listening until '97.

The Berry Best from Ralph, predictably, sucked. His riffing between bits was awful and his selection all seemed to consist of '80s and '90s current events that I cannot possibly bring myself to care about in 2008. The best part of the show IMO has always been the news and discussion of current events, and if that stuff isn’t fresh, who cares?


Not a Sirius (or even serious) listener, but the interviews with Evil Dave Letterman* are absolutely surreal.

*Links to links to celebrity imitation. Uncannily accurate. Totally NSFW.

I don’t listen to Stern, not pre- or post-Sirius, but holy crap did I like Private Parts. Everyone I know hates Stern, and I never seem to be able to convince them that Private Parts is a good movie, like him or not. Stern does a better job of acting than I could’ve ever given him credit for.

I was a devoted listener from the WNBC days who lost all respect for Howard. I still have my copy of Crucified by the FCC somewhere around here. I stopped listening a few years before he went off terrestrial. If I ever got Sirius I’m sure I would give him another shot.

Have you tried listening on Sirius - are you interested?

Huge Stern fan here… listener since about 1992 and still now listen every day on satellite. Weirdly enough, my parents are the ones who got me into him, I was in college and very much into my Women’s Studies classes so of course couldn’t listen to him. But, as his movie says, he sucked me in and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Can’t say I was happy to hear re-runs today, especially since Ralph was the “feature”. Ugh.

Nah. I’m not interested in either XM or Sirius, and certainly not for just one show. I did see some of his televised show, but it didn’t catch me. I suppose it’s mainly because Private Parts set his show in the larger context of his life that I really liked it. I’ll never rag on his show, but the movie didn’t actually inspire me to start listening to him regularly.

Well, I don’t care for what he does at all, but I’ve always found him strangely compelling on a sexual level. I love his height, hair, hands… all the H’s of Howard. I’d totally do him.

Did anyone catch Jesse Ventura? The guy sounds so intelligent and credible until he opens his mouth about conspiracies. Then he’s just a babbling idiot. And he really sounds like Bigfoot.

I really, really don’t like Stern that much. Part of it is that I just don’t care for personality based talk radio, and I hated the way that so many music stations went to talk around 15 years ago. Even the primary rock stations in most markets seem to favor a format during morning drive-time that was mostly talk, in which a pair of giggling buffoons would play, maybe, three songs an hour.

On the other hand he is intelligent and insightful, and does have some things that are worth listening to. I actually enjoyed his autobiography a great deal.

Longtime fan (since 1982). Sirius subscriber since 2005. I still listen religiously.

One thing that pisses me off is that I have an old-school Sirius receiver so I cannot “tivo” as some of you have mentioned. As a result when I listen to the replays going home from work I get bombarded by the “longer” commercial breaks; longer than the original breaks. Given that my ride home is 20 minutes I get pissed off when there’s a 10 minute break (happens a lot). I’m going to have to get a newer unit so I can avoid them.

Better still, they should raise the rates enough so that they can be like HBO and be completely commercial free 24-7. I’d gladly pay.

Most of their ads seem to be read by interns who sound like a bunch of metrosexual bozos. Completely unprofessional.
And for cryin’ out loud, Bababooee’s name (Gary) is pronounced (gah-ry) not Gairy (it doesn’t rhyme with Hairy).

I’ve never heard it pronounced anything other than Gairy? Am I missing something?

Yes, in the New York area, Gary and Gairy are pronounced differently. Just like the old Mary, marry,merry thing. Since Gary D is a native New Yorker it grates on my ears whenever anyone says Gairy. Gah-ree is the best approximation I can come up with.

You all are used to Gary, IN and I know in the midwest accent you say Gairy; but that’s not how the name is pronounced here.