Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

Disclaimer: I know there are a lot of Stern haters on this board. I know you’re out there itching to rant about how much you hate him just from the sight of his name, but please, if you cannot resist the urge to do so, start your own thread. You would not go into a knitting thread and launch into a tirade about how much you hate the subject, so please don’t do it here.

That out of the way, I wanted to start this as a kind of feeling-out measure, to see if there is enough interest for a weekly thread, along the lines of the Weekly Comic Book Discussion or the MMP threads. I tried several years ago and there definitely wasn’t (see disclaimer - yeah, I put it there for a reason), but the “Artie Lange Walks Off” thread made me think that maybe times have changed.

So, post here if you listen to Stern on a regular or somewhat regular basis.

And did anyone hear ‘What Would Tabitha Stevens Do?’ BLEH!!

Big fan, but since I no longer have satellite radio, I wouldn’t be able to contribute to a weekly thread, but would definitely read it.

Been a fan since the early days, still miss Billy West, love the mess that is Artie, eff Jackie/Timmy… listen to Sirius online during the day (when I can) so count me in…

I am a big fan, but I haven’t really heard much of the Sirius show, so, can’t really see I am a current fan.

Started listening to him in the mornings getting ready for and on the way to school over 20 years ago. Loved him and listened right up until he went to Sirius.

Read his books and enjoyed them. Went to see Private Parts on opening night.

Used to watch the Howard Stern Show on Channel 9, and then the recorded bits of the radio show that aired on E! a few years ago.

I owned a few CDs and tapes, including Crucified by the FCC, Unclean Beaver (even though I owned 50 Ways to Rank Your Mother on vinyl), Butt Bongo Fiesta, and some others.
He (and the whole gang) just crack my shit up and they always have.
My husband hates him with a burning passion.

I listen fairly regularly, every other day or more. I have the Sportster 5 radio that I leave plugged in all night so I can skip the commercials during my commute.

The Tabitha Stevens thing was funny (but gross). Who woulda thunk she’d screw a dead guy? :wink:

So why haven’t you gotten Sirius? The units are ridiculously cheap and the subscription is only like 12 bucks a month. Don’t hold me to this but I think you can get an internet-only subscription for about half that. At least, that’s what someone told me. Same question to you, Wee Bairn.

And eagerly! The toenail thing was just disgusting. I was eating lunch at the time and I almost had to turn radio off. Was there any follow-up to her banging/blowing Artie?
And since we’re all giving our histories now: I started listening September, 1997. Been pretty loyal since then, except for the time between when he left Charlotte and I moved to Phoenix. Approximately sometime in 2001 (I think) until March, 2003. I got Sirius a few months before the move because I knew it would be hard to find if I waited too long, and it turns out I was right.

I don’t know. All my friends and my sisters have and they love it. I’ve checked them out a few times and none of the players seemed to be worth it at the time. Every few months I check them out again and think about it and never buy one.

Maybe I’ll go take a look at them one more time. I’d love to have Howard keep me company in the mornings again.

I first saw the Channel 9 shows. (I’m old)
I got turned off for a while in the late nineties, and didn’t listen for a long time. Had Sirius already, and so ran across him again. He’s better than ever. As in way. I listed pretty much daily.
I liked the Shatner interview today.

I started off with the Starmate and viciously hated it but out up with it for Howard. Then I bought a new stereo deck with Sirius built-in and had it professionally installed and it’s completely seemless. I couldn’t ask for anything more. You might want to look into that option at your local car audio shop instead of browsing the actual 1st-party units from Sirius.

Channel 9 fan here as well- was in my teens when the show started, and literally could not believe some of the stuff that they got on air on a regular channel like that back then- would really love to see those come out on DVD.

Can you explain the Channel 9 show to me? I hear them talk about it on the air all the time but I don’t think I ever got to see it. When did it run, what was the format, and was it local to NYC? Was it an SNL-type sketch comedy show that was completely separate from the radio show?

I’m a big fan - been listening since about '89 or so - when they first started syndicating to Philly. I’d definitely participate in a weekly thread. Some people call me a fanatic - I listen online all the time I’m home, often hearing the whole show twice… But I’ve actually converted my wife into a fan (in general - we both find some of his stuff distasteful, her MUCH more than me.)

ETA : did anyone see this on Perez Hilton?


Did she actually screw a dead guy or did she just say that she would? :confused:

Missed the edit window - I’m such a Stern nut, that I usually name my WoW characters after Wack Packers. When Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf died, that morning I named a Diablo II character "RIPHanktheDwarf.’’ I always felt bad that his death didn’t receive as much treatment on the show as it should have - he died, IIRC on 9-05-01, a week before 9-11.


I’d read the thread, but I couldn’t add much, since I don’t have satellite either. Seriously (ha-HA!), I can’t see paying $12 a month for radio and still getting commercials. Also, I’ve been listening to Adam Carolla since Stern left terrestrial radio, and I’ve found that I like him a lot more than Stern. Everything I hated about Stern - his cruelty, the barfing, farting, belching, the strippers and porn stars, are missing from Carolla. I enjoy all 4 hours of Carolla every day, and as much of a Stern fan as I was, I can honestly say there was always something I listened to while cringing (or frequently turning off). But I wish I could hear him again without paying for it. I enjoy the rare bits I can find on Youtube, like Tocarra’s meltdown and his interview with Carolla. It’s his interviews I miss the most. If there were a place I could get those - even if I had to pay - I would enjoy them again.

It aired int he early 90s. A lot of it was funny, but a lot of it was kind of dumb and boring too. It aired out of a local NJ station - WWOR - which was Channel 9 in the area.

Completely separate from the radio show and yes, some sketch comedy with some of Howard and Robin and whoever else just chatting. Bands would occasionally play, Stuttering John would do interviews, and they sold a hell of a lot of Snapple thanks to a few bikini clad models.

Some of the sketches were fun, and a lot of them were spoofs of game shows, Homeless Hollywood Squares, Lesbian Love Connection, Swingers Dating Game, Hooker Price is Right, etc.

Good times. :wink:

Poor Dolly. It’s sweet that she felt the need to apologize, but I seriously doubt there is a person on earth who thought she said whatever they made her say, lol. I hope she doesn’t waste her time and money trying to file a suit. What did they make her say, by the way? I didn’t hear it.

Well, it’s far less than what you spend per month on coffee - less than what you spend per week on coffee if you go to Starbucks. It’s less than a quarter-tank of gas. It’s less than 3 packs of cigarettes if you smoke. It’s less than one lunch, depending on where you eat, but definitely less than two.

Regarding commercials; they’re only on the talk stations. It’s a long show, they have to get up and pee, eat breakfast, etc. There aren’t nearly as many commercials as there were on terrestrial radio, and they aren’t as long. Also, you can get units that are basically like radio tivos and skip the commercials. Digitally record the show if you miss a day, etc.

The sound clarity is lightyears beyond AM/FM, the selection is greater . . . there are a million reasons why 12 bucks a month is nothing for this service.

I’m traveling on business today, and your thread reminded me to launch Sirius on my computer so I can listen to the show! Thanks!

A thought I had this week–I like Lisa Lampanelli on the show, but not AGAIN on the wrap-up show, as happened this week. I feel like she doesn’t have THAT much to say. It got a bit boring.

Yeah, she is capable of being funny at times, but from the little bit I heard it sounded like she was starting to fall back on her “I have sex with the blacks” bit again. Not that it wasn’t mildy amusing the first 4 million times, but it starts to get a little bit stale after awhile.

Looks like this is the reason Howard’s off today…