How's this for subconscious synchronicity?

I was dreaming last night about “the end of all things.” The sun was expected to go super-nova, and the Earth was in imminent danger of destruction. So, a bunch of random people that I know (some friends, a few co-workers, one or two famous people who I don’t really know) got on board a starship ready to go to some other world.

And then there’s a fuzzy plot-point - the starship goes into warp-drive accidentally, and zooms away. But the Earth wasn’t really destroyed. Somehow, we took off prematurely and went on an un-necessary sojourn to the exact opposite end of the universe. As the dream was ending, I recalled someone screaming “But we’re 63 billion light years away from the Earth!” (which apparently wasn’t destroyed after all.)

Any way, that little vague dream memory has stuck with me all day. On a whim, I typed “63 billion light years” into google, and got this article. On a casual perusal, the article states that the farthest point from the Earth in the universe is – 63 billion light years away!

My dream was basically about being transported to precisely the farthest point away in the universe you could get from Earth, and my subconscious mind guessed that that would be 63 billion light years away. And apparently, in reality, physiscists have determined that the farthest point from Earth in the universe is…63 billion light years!


You’ve read it before and forgot about it.

No, wait.

You just had a dream predicting the future!


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yeah, I’ll go with this one. Care to take a nap and see if you can get me the next winning PowerBall numbers? I’d really appreciate it.


If I can predict the PowerBall numbers - do you think I’d tell you???