The distant future or a distant planet?

The universe is in trouble again and I need your help. You’ll need to travel to either Earth, 10,000 A.D. or a world approximately 10,000 light years from Sol to prevent quantum fluctuations destroying us all.

I’ll beam you back after you’ve spent 72 terrestrial hours there. You can take whatever you can fit in this case with you, the dimensions being 32″L x 17″W x 13″H. I’ll give you a week to pack, then we’re off. You’ll return one second later, just as you are…er, will be (I’ll take the trunk back).

You’ll have quantum inoculations so you won’t infect or be infected with any weird diseases.

I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you that the planet is life-bearing. I should let you know that the world is slightly larger than Earth, surface gravity is 1.1 G; things will be about 10% heavier. Background radiation, atmospheric pressure and surface temperature are within human tolerance levels. The air is breathable.

In 10,000 A.D., despite being a heavy situation the Earth’s gravitational pull is unaffected in the future. Likewise the air is breathable, background radiation, temperature and pressure are also within human tolerance limits.

It’s a shot in the dark either way, but which do you prefer and what do you take?

I choose Earth, 10,000 AD, because . . . well, I’m not really sure, but there’s less of a chance that giant monsters will have evolved, and overall I feel it’s a slightly safer option. The temptation to be the first human to set foot on an alien planet is strong - but I think the prospect of looking into humanity’s far future (or lack of future) is stronger.

There is, unfortunately, a chance that humans have evolved into monsters. Maybe not the Godzilla kind, but the Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot kind.

Still, someone coming from the past would probably be of interest to them, so, instead of being put immediately down in the lead mines, I might get to be examined by the science institute…which could be worse…

I voted for the future…but it’s a crap-shoot either way.

I’ll vote for the future too. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a history of the near future to bring back and thereafter profit (I won’t try to change the future). Even if I don’t, there’s a chance humanity is technologically more advanced.

Future earth in a second. Then I’d take back whatever medical and scientific info I could to advance the species, as well as whatever info I needed to get rich (tech breakthroughs, gambling info, etc). Grays sports almanac on kindle would be nice.

Future was very, very tempting, but as curious as I am about the fate of humanity in 10,000 years, I don’t think I could pass up a safari to another planet, 10,000 LYs away and observe alien life.

Although I’d definitely bring a Kevlar suit of some sort and a small arsenal of weapons in case life there is less than friendly.

Wait, the future may have the cure for death! Shit, it’s too late…!

Future Earth, definitely. Eight thousand years isn’t really that long for people to be unrecognizable or non-existent.

Distant planet. I fill the trunk with video recording equipment and sample containers.

But the aliens might too!

What else would people bring for the future? I’d prepare for worst case scenario, that humans are extinct and assume a wilderness survival scenario. Also a cricket bat, in case their are cyborg-zombies about.

I’ll take the other planet. It’s only 72 hours and it would be interesting.

The earth, in 10,000 years, will very likely be capable of harboring the same life forms that it did 10,000 years ago, which included flourishing humans. That’s not really a very long time, either geologically or astronomically. But at 10,000 light years, it’s a grab bag, and there is probably only one chance in hundreds or thousands that a randomly-chosen planet at that distance would support any life at all.

I’ve already done Earth, I’ll take the distant vacation.

Future Earth. If I went to another planet, 10,000 ly away might as well be a trillion, or Mars. Alien is alien, no matter where. But to see our own planet in 10,000 years is something I can relate to, personally. It would be very meaningful just to see whether we survive.

The OP has stated that the distant planet has life and is habitable by human beings. Now, whether that life is intelligent or dangerous to humans is another matter.

Yeah, I figure if the distant planet is similar to earth, and earth’s climate & atmosphere are due to life, then there must be life.

Anyway, there will probably still be some humans on earth in 10k years, but I’ll be the only human to see the distant planet, possibly ever. So, it would be unique to human experience.

On the other hand, if true civilization has survived, you might get a game. :slight_smile:

Since I believe there is no ‘the’ future, just a mindbogglingly large number of possible futures, I’m not sure what I’d learn from a brief stay in one of those possible futures. So I’m going with the distant planet.

Definitely future-earth. I’m an optimist for humanity’s chances, so I think we’ll have things a lot more figured out in the far-future.

On an alien planet, the chance of being able to communicate with anyone is pretty much zero. On future earth, the chances are pretty high – even if languages have evolved, they’ll probably still have tons and tons of online texts, audio, and video files with “old english” (or my bad “old spanish” and even worse “old french”), and some professor who can speak with me.

I voted for alternate world, but just because I think it would be fun to write “Kilroy Was Here” for all the astronauts who eventually would come after.

Or, “hello Sweetie!”