The distant future or a distant planet?

My main interest in seeing another world with life is that it would be a very interesting data point to compare Earth life to. We’d maybe not resolve a lot on ongoing questions, but if we see carbon-based, bilaterally symmetric, four-legged creatures with hair and feather analogs, it would go a long toward suggesting that these things are virtually universal (or not).

Distant World.

I’d pack a change of underwear. Just in case.

I choose the Distant World.

I’ll be taking a pistol, plenty of ammo, some traps, and a portable spit or grill (depending on space issues). I plan on killing some native beast, then cooking and consuming it to establish my proper place in the planet’s food chain. Fear my opposable thumbs, they will.

Hopefully it proves to be tasty and non-lethal. Even if I die in the process, I got to eat aliens so it’s all good.

Distant, just wish it was farther, at least to a different galaxy.

Distant future. I’ve always wanted a cigar smoking robot for a best friend.

If we like what see do we have the option of staying? :smiley:

Distant future. In 8000 years, maybe they’ll have figured out a quick and convenient way to get me to that distant planet anyway.

Distant planet. I’m taking food, water, basic medkit etc, and then some recording and sampling equipment: My geopick, a sledgehammer and rock chisels. A Shaw diamond drill backpack kit. Camera, tablet, batteries and solar charger. Sketchbooks.

Unless you actually expect me to do something particular while I’m there?

If I pick future-Earth, are time capsules in play?

I mean, fate of the universe, right? Let’s maybe get all of mankind working together on this one, preparing for the day when I’ll arrive to a hero’s welcome; can’t really get started on that for a distant solar system, but can do for here now.

This is what I came in to say/ask. Which future Earth would I be sent to? The answer to this question would make a huge impact on whether I chose Earth or the distant world. Not knowing, I’d probably choose the distant world. It’d only be for 72 hours and I could certainly use the 3 days off.