Howsabout A Futuristic Movie Where All the Women Are Plump?

I was watching “Johnny Mnemonic” the other day, and it occurred to me that women in the “future” are always thin and beautiful, and I found myself wondering about a movie where the women of the future are all fashionable by being about 30 or 40 pounds overweight. You know, a future where the latest hot trend is to be “Reubenesque.” I think that would be great - a movie where all the women doing normal woman things are all heavy, where all the female leads are heavy, where all the drop-dead gorgeous bombshells that all the guys are drooling over are heavy - I would like to see this. Has this ever been done? Opinions?

Not likely. Movies about the future are really about the present, and in the present, most men like to look at thin women.

“Cagney and Lacey Futurecops

I would so love to see that, a future for the zoftig woman. Probably be a flop though, despite all the tickets I would buy.

I saw something on teevee a very long time ago. It could have been a Saturday morning kid’s show (The Lost Saucer?), but I don’t remember. Anyway, there was a young girl who falls into a society where everyone is fat. They think there is something wrong with her and try to fatten her up. Her friends land their space ship and rescue her, then show the heavy inhabitants of the planet how unhealthy their lifestyle is.

Fat chics are nasty, end of story! Whos gonna wanna watch that? Cept for “chubby chasers” of course, which are about 1:1,000,000.

Oh my… the fun just never stops.

Actually, the best sex I’ve ever had was with a girl who was about 5’9" and weighed 200 pounds.

See, that’s exactly the attitude of your average guy in my proposed future flick - the mindless fad followers like homercles go nuts for the heavy chicks because that’s what’s cool then.

I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea to make any one body type chic. There’s always going to be someone of the other body type who’s going to feel bad about themselves.

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but if it’s only a movie, I think it would have a big enough audience.

Since this is not the Pit, I’ll be nice. You, sir, are a First Class Boob!

Fat chics have First Class Boobs :slight_smile:

To have a society like that, they’d have had to figure a way to do away with all the men.

A society with no men, made up of happy fat women.

Hm. A worrisome thought, to a person with testicles…

In a way, this thread is about movies, so I’m shipping it to Cafe Society.

featherlou, I wish to invest.

I’m poor, but wishes are free, right?

Since futurism has always been about projecting an exaggerated version of present trends into an imagined future, the only practical way to make a movie like that happen is to glorify larger sizes in the here-and-now.

Can I put in a plug for Molly Price?

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A little off-topic, but I think that in the future, most women WILL be thin and beautiful and dress in ultra-revealing clothing, just like in cheesy sci-fi films.

My prediction is that technology improve such that cosmetic surgery advances to the point where it’s as cheap, easy, and safe for a woman to be thin and beautiful as it is to put on some lipstick or shave one’s legs. Under such circumstances, it seems to me that most women will get such surgery for the same reason that most women wear lipstick and shave their legs.

I also predict that women’s clothing will continue to get more and more revealing. The impression I get is that most women’s main resistance to wearing revealing clothing is insecurity about their appearance. If everyone is thin and beautiful, this is much less of an impediment.

Just my opinion, I imagine it may be colored by wishful thinking a bit.

I think lucwarm is right. We’re starting to see some of that now with people having botox parties right in their own homes! Yuck!

But, featherlou, if you do find financing for that movie, let me know–my SO would love it :wink:

But if everyone is “thin and beautiful” then the standards will go way up! Infidelity will increase because of the lack of necessary attachment a man will feel towards his mate (why stick around when’s so many other, younger and prettier fish in the sea?)! Didn’t any of you see The Human Face with John Cleese?

It’s hard to predict what will happen to standards. If beauty is easily accesible to everyone, then people might not care as much anymore.


You forget that a person’s mate will be able to appear just as young and beautiful as anyone else. In any event, IMHO infidelity is more a result of love and sex becoming stale than a person’s mate becoming less attractive.

No, what’s it about?