HP 930C printer - need help

We have an HP 930C printer at home. When I turn it on, all 3 of the lights blink in sequence, then they all flicker. I can’t get the printer to do anything. I tried rebooting the PC, unplugging both the electric cord and the printer cable, removing and reinserting the ink cartridges.

Anyone have any ideas? Mrs. KVS really needs this fixed, because she works from home.


Try this.

Flashing lights are discussed in the printer manual, you have one, right?

When that happens to me with any printer, it’s time for a new printer. They are dirt cheap these days, try techbargains.com for a some.

Budget Printers, Feb 10

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Couldn’t find it - the kids move everything around. I solved the problem last night, and the printer works fine now.

How was it solved ?