HP Deskjet 5550

Stupid question, but here goes.
Ok, so yesterday I got the 5550 because I broke our old printer.
Now, it takes the Black 56, and Tri-color 57, but you can also put in the Photo 58, but since it goes in where the black cartridge goes, then that means that, for day to day printing, use the black and color cartridges, but then when you want to print a photo or a picture in photo quality, then take out the black cartridge, replace it with the photo right?

Yep, and the results I get from mine are pretty spectacular.

Even without the photo 58, just the Black 56 and Tri-Color 57, you can get some pretty impressive printouts.

Thanks. Yeah, the test picture of the leaves and HP logo that the instalation software prints out is pretty good.