HP Touchsmart IQ524

My sister is giving serious consideration to buying one of these things. She saw one today for the very first time at Office Depot and very nearly had to be pulled away from it.

So far as I know, she has only one piece of custom software on her existing machine and that is some sort of specialized real estate program. The sales guy assured her it would run without problems on the new machine. Anyway, she really wants the thing and I promised I would try to get her some information about it.

So, does anyone have any experience with this thing? Any opinions pro or con?

I would really appreciate any input at all.


I played with the larger 25.5 inch one at Staples. I like the compact styling but the touch screen is kind a gimmick as mousing is much, much quicker and far more precise for getting real work done for most people. Just as a heads up I think the22" one you are referencing has been discontinued.