HTML and Media Player

What I’m trying to do is create a really simple multimedia CD. The idea being that there are pics, music, and other goodies on the cd as well as an html document that allows you to look through these files. What Im trying to do is create a nice page that has a list of songs as well as the corresponding lyrics. When the viewer clicks on the song title…the song, which is located on the disk…plays on an internal media player that is on the current page that is opened. The idea here is to have one page with the song, lyrics, and the music playing…instead of having an external player opening over what you were looking at. When you then click on a new song the song plays in that same internal media player. Is there anyway to do this?? Thanks in advance…feel free to post any questions if this makes no sense, lol.

Embed. Using Frames, or a small popup window.