HTML Editor w/ Custom Tags via Hotkeys

What is a HTML dditor w/ customizable tags that can be accessed via hotkeys? More specifically, I’d like for it to have the ability to do what the BBCode extension for Firfox does in that it allows for the use of variables ( value & clipboard ) in the tags. value refers to whatever I have highlighted and clipboard refers to what saved on the clipboard.

This means that I can write tags like this:
<a href=“clipboard"target=”_blank"title=“value”><span style=“font-size: 14px”><strong>value</strong></span></a>

Where the url I’ve copied is used to turn the text I’ve highlighted into a link, the text I’ve highlighted is used to make a title for the link, the font-size is increased and bolded.

I love this feature. The only drawbacks are that I have to use my mouse to choose the tage I want from a context menu and that I have to compose inside of a window in Firefox. Having to use the mouse is markedly slower than being able to use hotkeys. Having to use a composition windo inside Firefox means that I must periodically c&p my work to a notepad and save it that way instead of being able to merely press ctrl+s.
I’ve looked at a number of html editors. Most have some combination of these features, but, I’ve not found one w/ all of them.
customizable tags w/ hhotkeys, but w/o the variables for the tags like value

So, hook me up. I’m even willing to pay money for the right program. I currently am limited to Windows.

Two questions for ya:

  1. What do you mean by “HTML Editor”? Is a generic text editor good enough if it can do what you described? If not, what other features are you looking for (WYSIWYG editing, HTML tag autocomplete, etc.)

  2. Just to make sure: So the hotkey is supposed to overwrite your selected text (value) with that link, right?

Okay, here’s a preliminary reply for you that may or may not be sufficient depending on how you answer those two questions…

UltraEdit is a very nice text editor with HTML support. It has syntax coloring, autocomplete, HTML validation and a bunch of other features. It can do what you primarily asked for using a relatively simple macro, and that macro can be assigned to a hotkey of your choice. The only downside is that it has no bulit-in WYSIWYG view (although you can configure it to preview the page in an external browser).

You can download a 30-day free trial or purchase it for $39.95.

As for the tag replacement, make a new macro and give it the following commands:

Find "^s"
Replace All SelectText "<a href="^c" target="_blank" title="^s"><span style="font-size: 14px"><strong>^s</strong></span></a>"

Or you can download a pre-written macro and load it directly into UltraEdit.

First off, thanks for responding.

Yes a text editor would be good enough.

If I highlighted ‘sdmb’ w/ and used this ine th clipboard, ‘’ and used this tag,

<a href=“clipboard"target=”_blank"title=“value”><span style=“font-size: 14px”><strong>value</strong></span></a>

I’d get: sdmb

Is that overwriting?
I have ultra edit. I don’t know how to write the macros. Where can I find the info on how to do that including the syntax and vocabulary for it?

Ok, great. I’m pretty sure that’s what the macro does.

To write a new macro (assuming you have a recent version of UE):
[li]Go to the Macro menu and choose Edit Macro.[/li][li]Click New Macro.[/li][li]Give it a name and a hotkey.[/li][li]Copy and paste the code I posted below the text already there (or you can overwrite the text already there; it doesn’t really matter).[/li][li]Close the window and let UE update the macro.[/li][/ol]

Or you can download the .mac file I made and go to Macro -> Load to import it directly.

As for the syntax, I’m not familiar with it. What I usually do is use the Record feature to record the steps I think I’ll need and then manually tinker with the code afterwards. I found a forum thread talking about a third-party document regarding the syntax, but I don’t know how good it is.

Thanks for your input and efforts. I try it and hope that it helps.