HTML Input type specs for big tall textbox like vB's Post New Thread box

I’m learning PHP but I’m not much good at the HTML underpinnings. I have a screen set up that lets users edit their posts, but the ‘field’ in which they view and edit the post itself is a verticallly challenged little skinny thing. It functions OK (you can arrowkey your way through it and make changes and submit)… how does one tell it to be a nice tall box showing a couple paragraphs’ worth of text?

I tried cannibalizing the Post New Thread screen from sdmb but it’s too much to wade through.

The usual code element is HTML Textarea - like this:

<TEXTAREA name='tallbox' rows=8 cols=50>This is the default value.</TEXTAREA>

Nice! Thanks!

Or you could do this:

<textarea style="width:500px; height:250px;"></textarea>