HTML: Is there an easy way to make sure all my tags are closed?

Is there a program that can easily check if all my HTML tags are closed? I don’t want to deal with any other “validation” nonsense, I just need an easy way to check the tags.

Is there a way?

Use an editor with automatic indentation, and let it indent the whole file. If it looks wrong, you’ve made a mistake.

Of course, validation is a lot more reliable…

Both Macromedia’s Homesite and BareBones BBedit do code validation. Both offer free trials, so you can see if they meet your needs.

Rejoice, for TagCheck will validate your tags for you without indundating you with style “errors”. I stumbled upon this when I had a similar problem, and I’ve used it many times since. Hope it helps.

Notepad ++ makes this easier, as it brackets the tags so you can easily see if something was left open.

Here is an online html validator:

It will not just check for valid tags, but also if your html is 100% compliant.

If you don’t validate your HTML chances are your website will look awful in some browsers. I understand a lot of people don’t care if there websites don’t work, but in that case just use a validation site, and go down the list of errors and it will say “unclosed tag” So close all the unclosed tags and ignore the other errors