HTML/MS Front Page 2000 help needed

Someone help me here before I tear my hair out.

I’ve been designing my own web pages for quite a while now. We just got our new computer 2 months ago.

I’m using Front Page 2000 to design my new web page. I am having a problem with font size.

It WON’T change! In the source for my site, it shows the different font sizes…it shows them in the “Normal” tab in FP but in the “Preview” tab and when I upload it, the font sizes are all SMALL!! (about 10 or so) What the heck is going on here?

I always pull out the misc. crap that FP puts into the HTML coding.

Anyone have any ideas? I asked a friend to go to my site and she says that the font is all 10 on her end too. Is it a WIN XP thing?

Pleeeeeease help me before I end up bald! :stuck_out_tongue:

umm, what’s your site URL?

That might help huh? :smack:

Lady Venom’s Web

Hope you can help me figure this out!

I get size 7 which is what the HTML says to give me and I’m using IE6 and WinXP.

Ummm. Also, all that extraneous crap you pull out would that also include the <HEAD> and </HEAD> and <HTML> and </HTML> tags?

You don’t have any and they should be there.

Caught@Work is most definitely right with that advice.

If you are removing extraneous crap from Frontpage, then may I suggest you don’t use Frontpage at all.

Learning the basic structures of simple HTML coding is one of the easiest things anyone can do, and you will get much more control and satisfaction out of it.

Add to that learning Stylesheets, and you will have much more control over things like font sizes.

As for why you are having trouble viewing the correct sizes, maybe it’s the settings in your own browser that are at fault.

Nevermind, I am a complete dumbass.

The “Ignore font sizes sent on Web Pages” was enabled.

Ugh, I feel like such a moron

Off-topic, but your tiled background and text color don’t exactly make good partners.


Yeh, I know. It was thrown together in a few seconds as a text.


I really should learn to preview.