HTML: Table Problem

At this url:

I’m using a table to divide the page in two, however, on the left side of the table, my top image appears to be pushed down futher than it should be (it doesn’t touch the top of the table). How can I fix this? Thanks!

A 10-second glance at your code shows a <TR> (Table Row start) is missing, for starters:


Should be:


There may be other probs, but that needs to be fixed.

You also might use:

<TD valign=top> to make sure the stuff is as high as possible in the data area.

Many Thanks!! Your “valign=top” comand worked perfectly.

I pulled it into frontpage and messed around a bit. Add <TD valign=“top”> to the cell with the image. I posted the code here .

Hope this helps.

Oops I may have changed the height and width of the IFRAME - those may need to be reset back to your original numbers.