HTML testing

Is there a (hopefully free) site that will test my HTML’s compatability with various browsers, and suggest fixes?


Find a computer that you don’t mind installing a bunch of browsers on, and go to town.

I agree with ultrafilter… install many browsers and see how the content renders on each. Even if you muck up some of the coding on the page, IE is very forgiving and may display properly, while FireFox (which is more standards compliant) might not look so good, etc.

If you want to check your pages for standards compliance, you might want to check out the W3C validator pages to help you locate any errors in your markup.

For CSS:

In regards to design:

Thanks guys, the help is appreciated.

According to my coding is completely %@$@%ed. Time to take a sledgehammer to the drawing board.


Don’t despair yet. You frequently get lots of error messages when trying to validate, and you make one or two small changes and all or most of the errors go away. :cool:

If you’re aiming for validation, Dreamweaver MX (and possibly 4.0) and future versions have built-in levels of validation. I used it to validate to XHTML 1.0 Strict. Of course, I gave up after a week of of the petty whining :wink:

Here is the best list of code quality testing links I’ve ever encountered. Some are free, some are share, some are commercial. There should be something there that can help.

Try Tidy for basic HTML cleanup. If you have a Mac, one of those Mac-based products bears my screenname here. Well, even if you don’t have a Mac it does; what I mean is if you have a Mac, try it.

There is also a Tidy-based checker plug-in for the Firefox browser. At my company, we find that when Tidy stops complaining, our code is pretty well supported by all of our target browsers.