HTML: when entering a site, remove all frames

When a user enters a site for the first time, is there a quick and easy way in HTML to remove all frames that are left over from other websites? As in, someone clicks on a link at (let’s say) Snopes that leads to your index.html and your index.html contains instructions to remove all frames (such as the left frame at Snopes). The only way I know of requires the people at Snopes to put in TARGET="_top" in the A tag. I’m looking for a way to insert the code into my page instead of making someone else add it.

You can test to see if they came from your domain (though I don’t know the code for that off the top of my head, the referrer should be available). If it’s not your site, reload with target=_top.

To the best of my knowledge the tags follow as such this example:

<a href="**newpage.html**" target="_top"><FONT SIZE="1">Break out of<br> someone elses<br>frames here.</FONT></a>

newpage.html meaning the page you want to load in an original frame.

Hope this helps and I hope the vB coding doesn’t get messed up :slight_smile:

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That is the code (ack hope it gets fixed soon) that you insert on your page to break out of frames. The font size and such after the main …target"_top"> is up to you.

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It’s pretty simple. Add this bit inside your <body> tag:
onLoad="if (self != top) top.location = self.location"

My boss has the sweetest frame remover on earth - she didnt make it with html though…

While the page is being reloaded without the frames it says “frames are evil”



if (top.frames.length!=0)
// --&gt;