A twelve year old girl in Phoenix about '68-'70 killed herself with carrot juice [Probably, there may have been other complicating factors. She was pregnant.]

A twelve year old pregnant girl died, 40 years ago, from drinking carrot juice. Maybe.

I don’t get it.

Jane, and I presume I may call you that because of an amateurish dismantling of your user name, do you have any supporting evidence for your claim? Some of us try to be supportive and inclusive, but we also note that there are other invalid claims supporters can use without needing us to try to support them willy-nilly.

Translation: Put up or shut up, or I do not get enough carrot juice. :rolleyes:

janeslogin said:

So what, she drowned in it?

I was one on the technologists responsible for tests that established some of the evidence. I doubt that it was published.

BTW, the name is Janes. It is Janes’ log-in.

I have to ask, just to make sure…

Your password isn’t janespassword, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was a kid, back in the primitive '50s, the only vegetable
I would eat were carrots, so my mother made them at almost every

A few months of this, my pale skin had a yellow tinge;
my parents feared a liverish illness. It was the carrots.

I still enjoy carrots to this day. Not every day tho…

Could you at least provide us with a cite for this death? I can’t seem to find any mention of such a death so far.

It would have been at the old Good Samaritan Hospital which later became Samaritan Health Services, I think.

It has occurred to me that were it reported it might have been in the predecessor of MMWR but I cannot find any such thing on-line. It looked much the same as MMWR but had Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report predominantly spelled out as the title.

And you can quote this where, exactly?

I apologize for my skepticism, but we deal with all sorts of bullshit claims here and grow weary of asking for the slightest bone of verification.