Hub vs Repeater - Which to Use?

I’m trying to run an extra long length of cat5e network cable at work. Its probably about 600 feet or so, about double the length limit for that kind of cable. I put a hub right at the midway point but I still get a a bad signal at the end of the cable where the PC will plug in. Back in school we learned about a device called a repeater, kind of like a hub but for boosting the signal. Are these devices still used? Are they very different from a hub? Would I get better results with a repeater? Thanks in advance for any help!
a rather nice discussion about switches and repeaters.

Hae you tried replacing the hub?

Based on the distance and that a hub doesn’t work, a repeater won’t help. (I am assuming 100Mb Ethernet.)

The next step up is a bridge, but a switch is better. I.e., you need to segment the network into subnetworks.

Or alternatively, here is where you can buy a repeater from

I don’t believe a switch or hub will boost the signal at all. A cheap router may work for what you need however.