Huevos con Chorizo


After years of subject area mastery, I am officially pushing forward my motion to have it declared the greatest drinking food ever. It doesn’t matter if you are still smashed or on the next days hangover, there is simply nothing better than those scrambled eggs, chiles, onion and cheese fried in the grease and crumbles of Mexican chorizo and dumped into a lightly crisped warm Tortilla.

I think I need to go make another plate.

I usually use hot Italian sausage (because I usually have it on hand, unlike chorizo, which goes quickly) but, yeah, I hear you.

I like Italian sausage in most anything, but I have never found any that has the same quality of falling apart into perfect browing size pieces that great chorizo does. It takes a bit of work to get it into the correct granularity to automatically assemble itself into the eggs properly.

I hate onions, but otherwise the dish you described sounds great. I made jambalaya with chorizo once and that was also really good.

Good chorizo also has the advantage of being greasy and spicy as all get-out, which is essential to a proper post-binge fry-up.

If you’re ever wandering around Berkeley ( Ca ), this place does a damn fine chorizo and eggs. Actually most everything is good there.