Huge corruption story about to come out Sibel Edmonds was a Turkish/Farsi translator for the US. While she was translating she discovered one of her co workers was named as an agent for Turkey in the documents she was translating. She also discovered that the Turkish government was involved in bribery and sexual payoffs of US politicians. She reported the worker and of course she was fired. She tried to tell her story but the government gagged her.
I read about her years ago and thought she would never get to speak publicly. But she gave testimony in a court case and now her story is allowed to become public. “The American Conservative” is running this story. It could make a lot of trouble for some politicians.

Have you been keeping up on US politics? We’re talking about Obama as the Antichrist and all you have is some cheap-ass bribery? I mean, the Turks are SO Ottoman, which means a stool for most congressmen.
Knock yerself out, kid. :wink:

ETA: Okay, most congressmen wouldn’t even make that connection. Yet we re-elect them. :frowning:

Obama does not exactly escape. The key city in the bribery cabal was Chicago.
I am still amazed how cheaply a politician can be bought.

I’ve known about it for a while, and still don’t see how it goes on. She accused Hastert, ex-speaker, of taking bribes. She also said Turkey (and possibly Israel, I don’t remember) were involved in stealing nuclear secrets.

No idea why nothing is done about it. If a country like Turkey has the power to infiltrate our government like this, then I have no idea what places like China or Russia are capable of.

Shoot-sometimes I just by one for the kicks.

What wouldn’t a person do for a nice box of Turkish Delight? :slight_smile:

DENNY Hastert? The ANTI-Obama?

Supposedly it had to do with squashing a resolution condemning the Turkish genocide in Armenia in 1915.

Well, it is slightly curious when you think about it. I mean, Dennis Hastert was not known, as one of the authors of Clinton’s impeachment, for deferring to his judgment on many occasions, but on this occasion, he apparently did. Well, whether or not these allegations have substance is not something that I am able to state with any knowledge, but it is said that in the wiretaps that were translated by Sibel Edmonds, reference was made to this very controversial question of the House vote. One of the Turkish targets of these wiretaps claimed that the price for getting Dennis Hastert to withdraw the resolution would be $500,000. Now, I do emphasize there’s no evidence at all that he received such a payment, but that is what is said to have been recorded in one of the wiretaps.

Hastert now works as a lobbyist for a Turkish company for $35,000 a month.

That’s terrible. Every year millions of people buy a politician without giving the matter enough thought. As a result, alleys and parking lots and swamps are littered with politicians who have been abandoned by owners who decided they were no longer cute.

Please, people, remember these simple rules:
*Don’t buy a politician unless you’re willing to take responsibility for it. Either for the rest of its natural life or until it can be placed in a lifetime judicial appointment.
*Politicians are not toys. Children under the age of six should not be given a Senator or Governor without first showing they can keep a Representative alive through a full term.
*Always spay or neuter your politicians.

I know it’s sad but I’ve got 7 right here under my desk.

Sibel Edmonds, this is a familiar name. I seem to recall she once teased the 9/11 trooth crowd, tickling their asses with a feather of evidence of an inside job. She delayed delayed delayed for a long time, and then whatever she had turned out to be nothing. I wonder how trustworthy she is.

And far too unconnected to Obama as one can possibly be.

Alas, alas, should I bring up my favorite GD topic, the rmn**n Gncd, or some fantasy that is so completely unrelated to Obama as to be nonsensical, even to the Glenn Beck crowd?

That brought a tear to my eye, Little Nemo.

But my friend Serdar Argic told me the Armenians committed genocide against the Turks! He wouldn’t lie to me, would he?

She did not delay. She was gagged. She was not permitted to speak, but the court case made some of her story public, so now she can talk about it.

Did she tease the troothers with information she knew she didn’t really have, knowing she was under gag? I seem to recall they were sure that she was the smoking gun she’d been waiting for.

This story will not go anywhere for a few reasons:

  1. It is complex. It cannot be reduced to “Obama bad!” or “Republicans corrupt!”. There are various politicians involved, civil servants, Turkey, Israel, etc. etc. It can’t be boiled down to a slogan or sound bite.

  2. Many of the events happened a while ago. The public does not want to remember what happened before last weeks Idol.

  3. No sex involved.

And what’s more, most of the action took place in the United States, and gonzomaz is from the United States, so I think we all know that he is implicated in this whole mess. When did you stop participating in this corruption gonzomax?

What are you offering?

Full immunity if you roll over and tell us who did what to whom and when.