Huge differences in gas prices in cities that are economically similar.

What is up with up that? Just got back to Chicago today, and it seems like there is some price gouging going on. One city it’s 3.09, another not too far away is 3.31, and another 3.45. And back and forth with the .20 some cent difference between neighborhoods. Are we getting ripped off, or are some gas stations getting the barrel increase news late?

This is simply market uncertainity. Watch the stock market on a chaotic day. The Dow can be up 70 points and then drop to down 30 within an hour. The price of oil has been all over the place the past few days as well.

The market is trying to set the price for gas. It will take a few days, but the prices will soon stabilize. Then, every place will have the same price as is normal.