What's with the gas prices?

Gasoline is at 99 cents a gallon right now, in St Cloud, MN.
On 9-11, it was 1.76 here.

Is gas down to a buck a gallon where you are?

Just thinking out loud.


Not paying much attention to that, because I ride a bike :smiley:

BTW, I don’t think it’s that cheap here, probably between $1 and $2. Of course, it’ll be pretty irrelevent when the world runs out of fossil fuels and global warming is melting the ice caps.

A few days ago I saw regular gas at about $1.10. That’s down from maybe $1.80 some months ago.

Go figure:)

The local price over here would be about… USD 3.58 per US gallon.

You lucky bastards. :wink:

$1.20 for me today. I’m in the Chicago area.

The lowest gas has been around here recently was $1.14/gal. Right now I think it’s about $1.25 or so, which is still not great, but it’s a damn sight better than the $1.70something it was on 9/11. (And guess who was the gas station boy who got to change the price sign, with a line leading out damn near to the highway?)


Cheapest I saw on the way home today from the turkey gorge-out was $1.07. The radio said it was because there was a glut of gasoline.

Drove out of Dover, Del., yesterday and saw it was .99 at a few stations. Most are higher.

Up here in PA, though, it’s in the 1.10 range.

It’s a $1.09 here. The gas was $2.80 on 9-11 though.

Cincinnati, Ohio. 98 cents.


Yep, I stopped at Casey’s on Lincoln in St. Cloud this morning and was thrilled to see the gas prices. I think I’ll stop by the fuel bank tomorrow.

Russia, our new pal, has bucked OPEC’s call for restraint in production. Prices for NYMEX light sweet crude dipped down to $17/bbl. last week, but ended the week in the $19s. I think some psychological effects were working on the near term traders, and we’ll probably see some recovery in the oil markets. OPEC’s target price range is $22-28/bbl. I think prices will grow back into that range.

The hope is that we’re near the nadir of the economic punch we’ve taken (with several factors complicit - the dot.com bust and the terror attacks are just part of it). But if we see low prices for too long, our domestic independents (who drill, annually, ~95+% of our domestic wells) will start turning out the lights and the ~45% of our consumption that we produce domestically may drop such that our reliance on foreign oil grows, spread now between OPEC, Mexico and Russia. Not the best deal.

Expect that this will be a temporary low if the economy begins to heal.

I filled up the other day at, (drumroll please…) 89 cents! Yeah I waited in line for 10 minutes but when i went inside to pay it was just oh so sweet. It was cool seeing the gallons spinning quicker than the bucks.

Good 'ol Casey’s in Dekalb, IL. I love the place.

I saw gas for $.86 at several stations in Atlanta today.

You know Silver Fire, Casey’s is about 3 minutes from Spidey and I.
You should let us know if your gunna be so close.
We coulda fed ya some turkey.

[sub]oh, and we still have no snow[/sub]

You know imthjckaz, I’ll probably be moving into Oak Haven (right up the street from Casey’s) before Christmas. So there you have it. :slight_smile:


Still way up here, $1.50’s or so.

I’m a nine iron from a gas station in mid-California & its still around $1.59 IM referring to lowest price self serve of course.

I didn’t convert, but gas prices here are hovering from 49 to 52 cents per litre.
counts on fingers
Nope. Needs a calculator.
But it’s better than the 70c/L it was a while back…