This is surreal

Gasoline in my town (Mishawaka, Indiana) is averaging 96 cents a gallon. I don’t know how long it will stay at this price, but I feel like filling up about two steel 55 gal. drums full of the stuff, while the price is so low. :smiley:

It is $1.01 here in Boardman, Ohio. It hasn’t been this low is several years.

Still 1.25 or so in PA

Averaging 1.09 in Mid-Michigan

The cheap Arco station here in Phoenix is down to $1.13.

About $1.47 here in Los Angeles


65.9 up here in Sask.

52.5 in Edmonton today.

$1.11 here in Minnesota.

(are those Canadian prices per liter?)

Our Canadian friends…

Shouldn’t you clarify your prices…that is per liter right?


When I got gas the other day, it was $1.64/gallon for regular. Pretty low! A few months ago we were up to almost $2/gallon for regular.

$1.59 here.


From my trips to Canada, the gas prices are always given per liter. Canadian dollars and cents, of course.

The cash-only self serve place in our town (eastern Mass) was at $1.21/gallon a day or two ago. It might be even lower now. That’s the lowest its been since I don’t know when.

And $1.279 where I refuel in Orange County, about 40 miles from here. Go figure.

Oh, my heart bleeds.

Petrol prices here in the UK are equivalent to about US$4.36/gallon :frowning:

Hey, this is about us after all :slight_smile:
(Actually, I do feel for y’all in Europe. Those are incredible prices!)

Passed a gas station last night, it’s fallen to $1.15 in eastern PA.

Actually, I think this thread is an appreciation of how cheap gasoline is. At least the UK and Europe have public transportation. We have some in L.A. too. (I just rode a bus back from the motorcycle shop, where I dropped my bike off for repairs) The trouble is that busses are nasty, and the Metrorail doesn’t cover a wide enough area. L.A. County has about nine or ten million inhabitants, and we’re well spread out.

That’s about US$1.40/gallon. Not too bad. Certainly better than $2.20+ we had down here a few months ago.

94 cents here in Oklahoma.