The Price of Gasoline

Here in St. Louis this Valentine’s day, it’s $1.69.9.

What’s it cost in your neck of the woods?

Santa Barbara, CA…about 188.9 cents/gal


1.60/gal here in Memphis.

$1.79 around here in northern NY.

$1.65[sup]9[/sup] down at the corner gas station.

I was in Memphis, today, and got Premium for $1.67, but didn’t pay attention to Regular.

$1.639 in Syracuse. It was $1.509 merely a week ago.

Around $1.53 where I am.

UK - roughly 80p a litre. what’s that in gallons?

(I would work it out myself, but my attempt brought it out at 20p a gallon, which can’t be right)

$1.65 or so in Cleveland.

I figured it out - UK - £3.02 a gallon ($4.88 a gallon)

Oh my, I can’t complain after that.

UK Gallons are bigger than US gallons ( 1 UK Gallon = 1.2 US Gallons ) this is because there are 20 fluid ounces to a British pint and only 16 to the US pint .

$1.659 to $1.799 in Cleveland suburbs. And I paid $1.489 for it last week.

Perfect timing for my O[sub]2[/sub] sensor to go bad.

$1.759 at the corner pump, and $1.53 at Smokin’ Joe’s on the Indian reservation. Guess which place has a long line of cars waiting.

$1.74[sup]9[/sup] for regular right around my city.

I filled up last night at $1.489, although most places are in the $1.519-1.539 range.

From $1.659 to 1.899 in central California, but there are places along I5 that are often .40 above average, simply because they have a captive audience - if you MUST HAVE gas, or you’ll run out before you get home, you’ll pay $2.40.


$1.75 out here in western Chicago suburbia.