What was the price/gallon your last trip to the gas station?

Where are you and what did you pay per gallon the last time you purchased gasoline?

I’m in Southern Indiana. This was on Friday, I paid $3.46/gallon. It jumped 20 cents last night. :frowning:

I paid $3.89 yesterday afternoon just outside of DC (Maryland).

Illinois. It’s way down - about $3.459 a gallon.

Denver, two days ago. 3.69 with the 10 cent discount/per from King Sooper’s.

$3.59 yesterday in southern Ohio.

California, $4.15

$1.30/l in Toronto right now which equates to just about 5.00/gallon not including any exchange calculation. I think our 's are close enough to par to make it a rounding error though.

$4.17 this morning on the main drag. A nickel cheaper if you gas up at the main freeway on-ramp.

Calgary here. $1.11/L for gas, so about $4.20/gallon for our truck.

Our car is diesel and was $1.08/L the other day, so about $4.09/gallon.

I saw on the news the other day that the West Coast has already hit $1.40/L ($5.30/gallon)!

San Diego. Over $4.50 per gallon, about a week ago. The prices here-abouts seem to go up the closer the station is to a freeway.

You guys are suckers. Gas here in Nashville (away from the interstate exits) is $3.25 right now.

$3.27 at the Valero on Austin Hwy in Terrell Hills, you know, the one next to Nosh/Silo. :slight_smile:

Western Pennsylvania. On Monday I filled my tank and it was $4.45.*
Pontoon boat. Marina gas. Allegheny River.

£1.34 per litre. Which is about £6.50 per gallon, I think. So in the region of $9 per gallon?

Saturday, $3.49/gal in Annandale, MN

S. California, it was 4.39’ish a couple days ago. Probably up again already.

Yesterday I paid $1.229/L at the Ultramar in Ballantrae. That translates to US$4.52 per US gallon.

$4.39 I think in SoCal. The brackets on the poll are way too low. :stuck_out_tongue:

US dollar has risen quite a bit lately; it’s now $1.03 Canadian.