Huge life changes! I'm looking to rent a room in Naperville/Aurora. Looking for leads on new places!

I just got news that the schedule change I’ve been waitlisted for (over a year now) has FINALLY become available. I’ll be going from a second shift (230pm-10pm) to first shift (830am-5pm) on Monday! yay!woootwoooootwoootwootwoot! (minor boo because I’ll be losing the late-night shift differential pay, but it’s worth it for the boost in quality of life. woot!)

I’m also going to be moving at the end of the month. More woots because I hate my landlord! wooooooot! That’s why I’m making the thread though. I’ve got to move at the end of March/by April first at the absolute latest.

If you are renting a room or know someone who is renting a room within 15ish miles of Aurora/Naperville, IL, or if you live in a complex or rent from a landlord who seems pretty cool or significantly cheaper than average, please let me know! I’m currently paying $450 inclusive of all utilities in a shared-home situation (renting the bedroom and use of the house/bathroom/kitchen, but mostly I hang out in my bedroom). Optimally I’d like to find a similar deal close by, ***IF ***I can (big if, I know). The current rent range I’m quoting on the craigslist ad I posted is $400-500, or a bit more if utilities are included.

And yes, I did make a nasty pit thread about my landlord a couple months back. But I have rented from three separate people in the past and not had any such problems with them. Just her. She’s a controlling, territorial, passive-aggressive, psychotic bitch, with one of those “eggshell” personalities; I never know whether the next thing I say or do could set her off (or she has been set off by saying and doing nothing, too–there is no winning with this type of person). I would challenge anyone to live with her and get along with her. grr.

Yikes, that’s gonna be pretty tough to find in this area. I’m at a complex in a bordering city and my one bedroom is $975. I just looked up the rent for their studio models and the cheapest they have is $830. My last complex is in the western end of Downers Grove and they’re even more expensive. On top of that, none of the utilities are included in either my old place or this current one. this is pretty standard for this area, unfortunately.

A quick search on the web only shows one complex in Aurora for $550 but it looks to be in downtown Aurora, so I would recommend against that. There were a couple more in Aurora that were in the $640 - $700 range, but I didn’t look too closely at those. I think your best bet is trying to find someone who is subletting a condo or something like that.

I don’t have anything to offer except good luck!

Thanks so much, faithfool :smiley:

interface, I’m looking to rent a room inside someone’s house or apt, not get a one bedroom all to myself (I dream of having my own place one day! but not yet). So that’s the current situation I’m in. People tend to rent out rooms much more cheaply than the going rate for renting a whole apartment. I’ve actually had about 6 responses already to my CL ad. One is an all-inclusive deal for $600 which is higher than I’ve paid at my last 3 places, but I would also be able to smoke indoors. And there’s half an acre of land! So that sounds nice :slight_smile:

I would have no problem living in downtown Aurora. I’m currently renting in a lower-class Aurora neighborhood with plenty of duplexes, section 8, and a high minority population. I always feel relatively safe going outside and I’ve never heard gunshots… sometimes people screaming at each other and the cops get called for domestic disputes relatively often. But it’s not intolerable.

I think I know what place you were looking at, they advertise studios for like 580 a month. Optimally I would dive headfirst for that deal! But of course it depends what they have available. I sent them an email already, still waiting to hear back.

You might want to also try City-Data.

I suspect you are ideally looking for a personal recommendation, but shows plenty of rooms to rent for $500 and less in Naperville and Lisle.

This one stood out for some reason.

Congrats and good luck!

Yeah I’m actually talking to three people from craigslist right now. My need to move accelerated from April 30th, to April 1st, to this Sunday (March 6) over the span of 2 drama-filled days. Fortunately my landlord and I can agree that our personalities are a terrible fit, so we’re mutually terminating the lease agreement and she’s refunding my rent for the rest of the month of March. It’s going to be the busiest weekend I can possibly imagine, and a short one because of my shift change. And I won’t have any help. But I moved out of my last place by myself on short notice, too, and I got through it OK. /hugs self. I’m reminding myself how much better I’ll feel after throwing away a bunch of crap that I never wear or use anymore. I love purging stuff :slight_smile:

First on my list is a $600 room for rent in Naperville (inclusive of utility costs). Seems like a good location, short commute, and the landlord seems really nice. I’m going to call her on my lunch break today, and if we like the sound of each other I’m going out there to look at the place on Saturday. Then moving day is Sunday.

If that falls through, I have a couple backups. There’s a place in South Elgin I’m eyeballing, it’s cheap but the commute would suck balls. And if all else fails, my friend is giving me the keys to her place and will let me stay with her until I get something more permanent. <3

Who put the bump in the bump bah bump bah bump? Me!

I am successfully moved out of the old place and in to the new! My old landlord is trying to withhold the whole security deposit even though I cleaned my ass off… because of wear and tear to the carpet (I made an IMHO thread to see if there’s anything I can do).

Anyway, I am happy to be shot of that evil bitch regardless of the shenaniganery. My new place is a bit more expensive ($600 a month) but the room is much larger, it has beautiful turquoise walls (I’m a blue person), and the bathtub is a jacuzzi! And I can smoke in my bedroom!! amg! I love it so much :slight_smile: And my new roommate works 70+ hours a week, she’s hardly ever here so it’s quiet as the dickens. And the neighborhood is so much safer, and quieter. I’m looking forward to not living in half a duplex with a loud barking dog next door that causes my roommate’s dog to bark at 6 am every other day. And kids running down the stairs right next to my bedroom wall. grr.