Hugh Laurie - one of TV's Sexiest Men

I was at the grocery store and saw the latest TV Guide cover - a pic of Hugh Laurie with the headline “TV’s Sexiest Men”.

It brought such a smile to my face to see the air-headded King George of Blackadder The Third has done so well for himself.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen House. I am not sure if Hugh Laurie is hot or not - I only know him as George from Blackadder III and IV.

Not sure what the point of this post is, other than it made me giggle and none of my IRL friends would find it funny but me…hopefully it makes some of you smile too.

Well, he does have an enormous pair of trousers.

Nitpick: he wasn’t King George at that point - he was still only the Prince Regent. And he was as thick as a whale omelette.

He’s a competent actor.
But when you’ve seen him as the Prince Regent in Blackadder, or Bertie Wooster to Stephen Fry’s Jeeves, it’s hard to think of him as anything but dim.

He was Douglas Adams’s first choice for Arthur Dent. And would’ve been brilliant.

I think his accent in “House” is godawful, though.

I think it’s pretty good. People I’ve talked to that didn’t know Hugh Laurie is British were surprised to hear it. Are you sure it’s not just a dissonance sort of thing?

Sort of like how people who are more familiar with Marianne Jean-Baptiste find her accent on Without A Trace a bit jarring?

I listen to a lot of BBC radio, and believe me, when someone can’t quite manage an American accent, it really stands out.

And Hugh Laurie is the Sexy. Woof!

I find it pretty jarring, and I had never heard of her until this show!

It might be, I suppose. I tend to remember back to the “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” sketches where they’d throw scotch around as they cried out “Dammit, John!” and “Dammit, Marjorie!” which had deliberately overwrought US accents in it.

I’m sure Bertie Wooster would be thrilled to find he’s the sexiest man on TV.
No…wait…actually I’m sure he’d be terrified. But I’m sure Stephen Fry will find him some way out of his prediciment.

Aww, I fancied him back when he was the Prince Regent and the serious guy in A bit of Fry & Laurie. But then, I’ve always found Bertie Wooster sexy in a kind of interbred, dimwitted aristocrat kind of way.

:dubious: What?

DNA’s first choice for Arthur Dent in the recent movie adaptation, perhaps .

Arthur Dent first appeared (superbly played by Simon Jones) in the original radio series in March 1978, at which point Hugh Laurie was 20 years old and still an undergraduate at Cambridge, with his first professional role still years in the future.

Um, yes. I did know that Simon Jones was his first first choice, and in fact every book was written with Simon’s interpretation in his mind.

I was indeed talking about the recent movie.

I have seen all of ten minutes of House. I remember Bertie and George, as well. Woof!

I love Hugh Laurie as Bertie and the Prince Regent, and I’ve seen him in a handful of movies, but I would not have described him as sexy or handsome until I saw him on House. He’s great, and the accent sounds fine to me.

Yes. Hugh Laurie’s American accent is actually the best I’ve heard by an Englishman. The Irish and Aussies can do a pretty good one; speaking of “Without a Trace,” how many viewers know that Anthony LaPaglia is Australian? (Rummaging through IMDB, I noticed his brother, Jonathon (“Seven Days”), who was an ER MD back in The Old Country, was turned down for a role on “ER.”) The English? Yeesh!

When I heard that he is British, I was surprised because his accent seems very authentic to me. Now that I know, I’ll rarely hear a word that’s a little “off”.

But what I immediately thought is that I had seen him somewhere before. I hadn’t watched Black Adder, so I know it wasn’t that. I had a feeling he was on The Young Ones, but couldn’t figure out which episode. Then I found out that he played Lord Monty on the Bambi episode! I keep meaning to watch that episode just to see him from 20 years ago.

I caught him saying “diplomer” instead of diploma once, but that’s it. I’m so glad he’s on American TV. My British friends declared him to be the perfect man to play Rincewind and now I know what they mean.

It definetly is funny to see ole’ George being the acerbic doctor on House, but he fits the role very well and his accent, I find, to be top notch. I think it was the fact that it WAS Hugh Laurie that got me started watching House, and I find it to be far better than most medical dramas.

Way to go Hugh… anyone who was involved in Blackadder deserves permanent success :D.

Though color me amused that Patrick Dempsey was on the list. Remembering him from 80s geek movies, quite a surprise to him, I’d bet ;).

I’ve never seen him in anything else, so “House” was my introduction to him. I’m really glad of this, since I didn’t have any “dim” baggage to overcome.

And damn straight, he’s sexy! Those intense blue eyes of his (especially when coupled with that laserbeam stare of Dr. House’s)…oh, yeah! :slight_smile: I’m just bummed because I couldn’t find any of the TV Guides with him on the cover–around my area all we got were some dopey-looking blond guy and Gary Dourdan from CSI.