Hugo Chavez: a great statesman

Just watched “The Revolution will not be Televised” (courtesy of Bittorrent)

A documentary on the coup and counter-coup of Chavez democratically elected government by a bunch of rich slimeballs and neo-cons in Venezuela. And wow, what an impressive leader. Truly inspiring guy (and documentary)…

Chavez seems to be someone who has great respect for his people, the constitution and the freedom of press even when he was the subject of constant attacks by the rich on privately owned channels or when his own protestors were sniped by agent provocateurs and then blamed simultaneously.

Even after the coup he did not lay down any revenge on them.

In fact, when the returning attorney general and the ombudman first addressed the now imprisoned people who had occupied the governement building, what did he say?

“As attorney general I am here to inform you that your rights as citizens are guaranteed”

Even better, at his first press conference Chavez said:

"The most important thing I want to say to you is to go back to your homes. We need calm […] To those who oppose me, fine, oppose me! I wish I could change your minds. But you cannot oppose the constitution. […] This is the people’s book. You have to recognize this "

A must see documentary for those who heard too many transparent lies from the US government and the neocons or wish for such a great statesmen themselves. Otherwise, it still is a very interesting behind the scenes look at the mechanics of a coup and counter-coup…