Huhot makes me cry

So Ms. Otter and I just had a delicious burger at Culver’s. It was our second dinner of the night. The first was a culinary disaster at Huhot. The noodles were overcooked, the soup had what I can only hope was a beard hair in it, and the edamame - my favorite, edamame! - was so overcooked and so oversalted as to make it inedible. We actually sent that back and asked for a new order. The next order came back and, while it was less salty, was still cooked to a point beyond recognition and taste

Luckily, Culver’s is nearby. The delicious burger and custard there is enough to drown out the aftertaste of a thousand failures. Stupid Huhot.

Mindless? Pointless? You bet. But I must share.

Sorry to hear about your torment, but …

What is a Huhot??



Seriously, though, after eating there tonight I was really surprised to see it is in so many states. It really was quite bad. I’ve eaten at some of these cheesy Mongolian BBQ type places before, and most are ok, but this was just so bad it was funny.

I guess we don’t have any Mongolian BBQ places yet, much less HuHot. I’ll be sure to stay away if we get “captured”.

Huhot and Culver’s? Where are you living, it sounds like my town. :slight_smile:

I think our culture is set up so that, if you are a discriminating eater, you have to go to higher-priced places than the ones mentioned in the OP.

I don’t live here, but I am in Green Bay for a little while. Damn Huhot!

There are actually some good places around here that are pretty darn cheap, and Ms. Otter and I are definitely not discriminating eaters. We just discriminate to the point where we don’t expect god-awful food for our money. It’s a matter of what kind of quality you expect and what you get for what you paid. At Culver’s we paid less than $10 for the two of us, expected delicious, artery-clogging food (because hey, it’s Culver’s) and got it. At Huhot we spent $40, expected good tasting food (not having eaten there before), and got overcooked food and gas. Point: Culver’s.

Mongolian BBQ has always baffled me. I don’t want to guess what will taste good together, I want you to know already and cook it for me.

The one time I tried it, the meat (beef)was so dry as to be inedible and the sauce was not good. I am a pro cook, too, so you would think I’d have a good shot at coming up with something tasty. Feh.

Seriously, I gotta call BS on this one.

2 meals and custard for less than $10 at Culvers? My wife and I usually spend about $14 for two meals without dessert.

And $40 at HuHot? WTF did you order? I’ve only eaten there twice but the food was always good. And I’m pretty sure I paid about $8 for a meal. I don’t even know how you’d spend $20 each.

Do you just have an agenda against HuHot? Why do you hate Mongolia?