Hull-less barley - ideas on how to use?

I’m trying lots of new things since getting my Instant Pot. Latest: hull-less barley. I’ve always loved barley in soup but regular pearled barley has all the fiber polished away, so I thought I’d try hull-less (which is a variety that has an edible hull, or one that is loose enough to be gotten rid of without polishing, I’m not sure which).

Anyway, I cooked some last night in beef broth. Still haven’t figured out the cooking time; it was too chewy after a half hour so I gave it another ten, then another.

The results were great. Still very chewy, but cooked enough that this was a feature, not a flaw.

It seems like this world be great served as a salad (maybe not cooked in beef broth…). Any recipes you think could be adapted? I don’t think grabbing a random pasta salad recipe would work; this barley is pretty assertive stuff!

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I think any quinoa recipe would be adaptable to barley.

Try using it instead of bulghur wheat in recipes. Tabboulehis a classic (add feta!). For something different, you could try making koliva which is sort of like rice pudding. (It’s a dish used mostly for religious festivities with us, but no reason not to share a good recipe!) I like mine with honey and mini chocolate chips.