Hulu anyone?

We’d love to cut the cord, and I know Hulu offers a live tv option which I like. We have friends that tried it about a year ago and they dropped it because they said their screen would freeze a lot. Anyone using their service? How’s it been, I’m wondering if they’ve made improvements or it was just a quirk our friends had.

I’ve never had that problem. Could be your friends’ hardware. Have they had this problem on multiple devices?

You could always try the free trial period and see how it works for you.

It’s going to depend on your internet connection, no one can tell you unless they live in your location with your service provider.

A few friends have signed up for PlayStation Vue and love it. No PlayStation required.

Remember, people with issues (with a product/service) are loud. So a few friends have problems with Hulu and complained about it, but all your friends that haven’t had any issues with the service, haven’t even mentioned they have it.

For $45/mo, I’d say give it a shot. You can always cancel right away if it doesn’t work for you. Plus it may even be cheaper as there’s often a coupon or an Ebate cash back reward. I’d suggesting checking your download speed, but their site says Hulu live requires 8Mb/s. I don’t think any IPs even offer speeds slower than that anymore (but your own network gear could be a bottleneck).

FWIW, I don’t have Hulu live, but I do have regular Hulu and have never had any problems. You wouldn’t know I’m not just watching a show on regular cable.

I love Hulu. I don’t use their live TV service but I don’t really have too. Most of the shows I watched when had Cable are available the next day. Between Hulu and the CW app I can see everything I watched except a handful of shows (The Walking Dead being the biggest).

I watch Hulu way more than Netflix and if I had to drop one I would drop Netflix in a minute.

Are you interested in Hulu streaming, or in Hulu live TV?

If you’re interested in Hulu live TV, I asked something similiar. There are several programs around the same price that do the same thing. Hulu live TV. Playstation Vue. YoutubeTV. Sling. DirecTVnow.

We have Hulu Live. We have some issues with a channel suddenly going dark, but we’re able to switch to another channel, so it may be something with the network.

I have noticed audio sync issues.

I like Hulu mainly because you can suspend the account whenever you wish for up to six months.

Just to add to the above list, there are 2 low cost options, Philo($16/month) and one of ATT’s offerings ($15/month) that I forget their name.

I’m assuming its this.

Thanks, that’s good advice, and for the price it can’t hurt. I’m sure a lot of people don’t have issues with it. As someone else posted though, it could be a location thing.

That’s great to know, thanks Chefguy!

Hulu live, and I just looked at your thread. I’m curious did you switch to anything?

I never signed up for any of them. The reasoning is that most of the TV shows I watch are available on hulu plus (which I already have). So spending $40/month on TV seemed excessive to watch a few shows. Plus my parents have dish network and a DVR, so if I really want to watch something I just DVR it there and watch when I’m there. Plus the shows I ‘really’ want to watch aren’t usually on these packages, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Having said that, I didn’t know there were multiple options in the <$20 range aside from slingtv like philo and AttwatchTV. If I do get cable I’d probably get one of those.

I was just looking over their options again, I want to talk to my husband and daughter, I think we need to do something, the cable bill is killing me.

Also, it will restart automatically when the time is up.

I’ve been using Hulu for about a year and had a great experience. I just get the ~$13 no-commercials streaming plan. The UI on my Rokus frustrates me a bit compared to Netflix, it takes a lot of button presses to get to a specific episode in a specific season. But the content isn’t bad, mostly old and new TV shows is what I watch but there are a few good movies too.

You mention the Rokus, we have one which we used before we were able to access Netflix right from Comcast. Either we have a lousy one or they just aren’t very good. Anyone know some good options?

What sort of problems do you have? I have a Roku 2 and a Roku Express, both work well. The Hulu app is different on each of them, it’s not a great app to navigate but works.