Say goodbye to free Hulu

Hulu is going subscription-only. There will be a $7.99 with ads tier, and an $11.99 n0 ads tier.

I’ve been on the $11.99 tier for a couple of years and love it. No commercials and I’m saving about $100 a month on cable.

My mother is having a terrible time with netflix and Xbox.

If she gets Hulu can she get it to show on her TV? How?

Ditto. Hulu is a great product. Ten times better than Netflix. Never understood why Netflix gets all the love.

Not that Netflix is horrible. I am a subscriber, I just find myself watching Hulu way more than I do Netflix.

A smart tv would be the easiest way.

If she doesn’t have that, an Amazon Fire Stick works and has a simple remote.

Chromecast works too which can be used with a computer or a smartphone.

Do you need to have a cable from your computer to the firestick or chromestick?

This. I’m happy to pay $4 for no commercials, and $8 for the huge selection Hulu has. Between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Vudu there’s almost nothing we can’t watch on 24 hour delay or less. For a fraction of cable.

Does Hulu have complete series runs? The last time I looked, it seemed like only the last few episodes of a given series was available.

If you pay the premium you have access to most series runs. Also, you don’t have to wait a year for any currently running series. The latest episode is available the next day.

Hulu’s free service is going to be taken over by Yahoo! View.

Good to know, thanks.

Goodbye, free Hulu.

Netflix is absolutely wonderful if you like old movies.

Huh. I thought they stopped free shows months ago. I can’t access the shows I watched previously. Is it that they require a (free) registration now, and will stop doing that soon?

Hulu is better for TV; Netflix is better for movies. But ignoring specific content, Netflix is much better designed and cheaper and not as buggy.


But you do need wifi.

And Hulu has about 95% of the Criterion Collection. Only the newest are missing.

Unfortunately, Hulu is also losing the CW, and doesn’t have current CBS shows like it does other networks. Most of my Hulu watching has been the DC shows on The CW, so this really sucks.

This fall, the Criterion Collection will be departing to become an “extra” on FilmStruck–TCM’s new streaming service. So now’s a good time to concentrate of Hulu’s Criterion offerings…

I didn’t realize that - thanks for calling it out. I watched the last season of the Flash on Hulu. Apparently I’ll either have to watch next season on, or else I’ll have to wait until the season is over and then binge it on Netflix.

Incidentally, until recently I never realized that Hulu is co-owned by Disney, Fox, and Comcast – maybe that explains why it has their shows, but not CBS. Time Warner also just acquired 10% of Hulu, and they own half of the CW (along with the CBS corporation), so maybe that will make it possible to revive Hulu’s deal with the CW? But I’m not sure if the terms of the CW’s Netflix deal preclude that.

Hulu was free? I’ve been paying since I got it.